May 20, 2020
Wednesday Story
Meet Juan Maldonado, a 23 year old Health Promoter from the municipality of Culmi, who is a previous recipient of our Scholarship Program. Juan learned of the scholarship program through his mother, an active community healthcare volunteer, who encouraged him to apply. Since he lives in a remote area where phone signals are not readily available, residents rely mostly on radio transmission. One day in 2015, as Juan sat listening to a radio channel, he learned that his application for the scholarship at Predisan was accepted. Juan had a passion and dream to study nursing which lead him to enroll in the nursing program at the vocational Nursing Education Center located in Juticalpa about two hours from Culmi. After completing his studies, Juan was hired by Predisan as a Health Promoter and was assigned to the Polyclinic in Catacamas. He is one of the many staff members that have worked very hard during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide measures for prevention of spread of the Coronavirus. Juan shares his gratitude below:
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