Fall 2020 Season Update:
Real Middleton CF U14B League Champions!
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Over the next few weeks, we want to give all Real families some updates about the Fall season, as this soccer season wraps up with the end of the first session of the Idaho Futsal league on Dec 18. Specifically today we have a story about one of our competitive teams: our U14 boys. And no, we are not talking about Elan Musk inviting our team to a trip to the Moon! (Although we would not be surprised -- see below).

We have much more to say about the rest of our teams and programs last outdoor season so as said we will be sending another newsletter in the next few weeks including U4-U9 youth academy news from last Fall, another story about one of our teams in the Fall league, which also rocked and Real SC teams progress in the current Idaho Futsal League.


The big news of the Fall outdoor season was that our U14 boys team won the ISL IYSA league, undefeated with a 6W-2D-0L season! It is not only the record but the way these boys played.

"With much appreciation and sincere admiration, I, as well as coach Brent, would like to congratulate the Real Middleton U-14 boys team for their amazing achievement. Going undefeated in a season is extremely hard but their talent, dedication, and hard work paid off" head coach, Raul Vidrio said.

Coach Raul started with this team in our academy program at U8. Since then other kids from the area have joined the group.

"It has been amazing to watch this team grow. It was not pretty at times during the first few years but little by little, coach Raul has been really impacting the way these kids play. The boys never give up a single game since they were little and now they are having so much fun.", said Director of Coaching Juanjo Carmona.

There is no doubt that when a group of players believe in their coaches, and with the full support we get from parents, amazing things happen.

Coach Raul also had some words for his parents and staff: "We would like to thank the parents and staff that made it possible for these kids to achieve this level of success!"
Our U14B team celebrates the win and the league championship after their last Fall league game against Idaho Rush.
Assistant coach Brent Carver (also head coach of the Real Boise U10 Futsal team) was very excited about the achievement: "This was a special season to be apart of with this U14 team! Although each players' skill-set is unique and special, we all trained together as one, and fostered a culture of teamwork, commitment, and hard work. We all lifted each other up and encouraged one another to become better every day'"

One of the "secrets" of Raul's team is that they are non stop. They have been playing indoor and futsal consistently from November to February for many years. The team is back at work at the Idaho Futsal league currently.

"We are looking forward to continuing to help the team achieve success. We are very proud to be part of this amazing team. Thank you to all the people that believe in Real Soccer Club", coach Raul Vidrio concluded.

We are all excited about next season after this well deserved promotion to the top division! Good job boys and staff!
Real Middleton U14 boys during one of the practices this past Fall 2020.
All the rest of our competitive teams are working very diligently, we have very good committed coaches and players, the teams are doing great progress, are playing futsal now and we are also very proud of all of them! Stay tuned for more!


-New sponsors announced!

-More news from the past Fall Outdoor Season. Our U10 Girls team also socked the world with some amazing performances.

-Youth Academy Update (U4-U9) from this last Fall and team pictures from last games! (BTW, Spring Registration is open!)

-Update on the Futsal season! Eleven Real SC teams are participating in the only United States Youth Futsal Sanctioned Futsal league in Idaho! This will include an update on our U11 boys team, which is leading their age bracket and our academy teams in the league.

-Do you have a story about one of our players or teams that you would like to share with us? Contact us at help@realsoccerclub.org

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  • I want my kid to play on the second session of Futsal. What do I do?

-If you are currently in a Real team playing futsal, your coach will let you know the next steps soon. The next session of Futsal runs for 6 weeks from Jan 14 to Feb 19, 2021 (games are Thursdays or Fridays).

-If you are a U6-U9 player in our academy, we will send an "interest" survey in the next weeks to see if we can form more futsal teams.

  • How does my kid continue developing skills in winter? Besides the training you may be doing indoors with your team, please check our Club's You Tube Channel and work those videos for 15 minutes every day.

Contact Director of Coaching, Juanjo Carmona at 208-713-8924 or doc@realsoccerclub.org for questions and concerns.

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