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Thursday, June 21 5:00–9:00pm
Summer Solstice Celebration
Night at the Harvard Museums of Science & Culture
Celebrate the longest day of the year. Enjoy free admission to four museums, circus performances, farm animals, flower crowns and other sun-inspired crafts, raffle, and food trucks.
Last chance to see...
Ocarinas of the Americas: Music Made in Clay and Moche Ceramics
Lively and and astonishing ancient ceramics excavated from Mexico, Central America, and Peru will remain on view through July 8. Stay tuned for a new exhibition to open in the same space!
Monday, July 9–Friday July 18, 9:30 am–noon
Summer Science Week
Time Travelers-Viajeros en el Tiempo
Advance registration required
Explore the daily life of the ancient Maya people through hands-on activities with hieroglyphs, clay, food, outdoor games, and some surprises. Learn a little Spanish and become a magnificent Mesoamerican for a week.
Monday, August 20–Friday August 24, 9:30 am–noon
Summer Science Week
Advance registration required
Become an experimental anthropologist and use a spear thrower, drill a hole with a bow-drill, and try other technologies of native peoples of North America.
Teotihuacan and the Making of a World City
How did Teotihuacan became the largest and most influential city in Mexico and Central America? How did it maintain this position for 500 years through diplomacy, pilgrimages, military incursions, and commerce? Dartmouth's Deborah Nichols answered this and more in the 2018 Gordon R. Willey lecture. Watch it below.
Celebrate National Postcard Week by visiting souvenirs of the 1893 World's Fair at All the World Is Here . The Fair was the first attraction to inspire souvenir postcards.
Header: Detail of Plains Indian calumet (pipe) stem, ca. 1780-1830. PM 99-12-10/53101.2; Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, ©President and Fellows of Harvard College .
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