Chökhor Düchen
August 4, 2019

Chökhor Düchen —the fourth day of the sixth month of the Tibetan lunar calendar—is observed throughout the Buddhist world as sacred, as it commemorates the Buddha's First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma when he taught the Four Noble Truths.  Due to the power of the Buddha’s blessing, all virtue and non-virtue are multiplied 10 million times on Chökhor Düchen, which falls on August 4 this year. Anything we can do to increase our practice, our generosity, and our activities for the benefit of others this day will be of great benefit to our path as well as to all beings. We dedicate the virtue we create to others with whom we have connection, positive or negative, living or deceased, as well as to the short- and long-term benefit of all beings.

Although Iron Knot Ranch will be closed and staff in retreat at this time, we will be offering butterlamps, tsog and sponsorship towards a life-saving ceremony. If you would like to be a part of our accumulations and dedications of merit, you can email with the details of your tsog, butterlamp and/or saving lives offering, along with your written dedication, so we can be sure to include it during our practice session. We will need to receive notice of your offerings by July 30.

We hope you will join with sangha throughout the world in observance of this auspicious day, through whatever virtuous practice and activity you’re able to undertake. May the merit we create be the cause of short- and long-term benefit for all beings!

May all beings benefit!