Update - Dogs Rescued from Neglect & Hoarding Situation
Thank you to all that have supported OPHS. Your help has allowed us to handle the many dogs we have on hand at the moment. As you can see below, the dogs we have taken in from the hoarding situation will take lots of TLC and ongoing behavioral and medical rehabilitation.
***NOTE: These dogs are not available for adoption, viewing, or handling by volunteers at this time. Please watch our FaceBook page for updates. Reach our page using the blue FaceBook link button in the footer below.***
S’mores and Flurry — these two young ladies are slowly learning how to trust humans. They still avoid physical interaction with people, but are beginning to understand that visits usually mean tasty treats, and they are happy to consume the bits of deliciousness!
Leidi — sweet and gentle girl who will reward you with close contact and sweet muzzle bumps if you are patient and give her the time to very sloooooowly and cautiously approach you.

Heidi — named because she always tries to hide behind you  ❤️ . She is a happy and curious girl that enjoys the company of other dogs. She is improving more quickly than some of the other dogs, and will approach certain people without having to be coaxed out of her “shell” too much.
Tack — a more serious and reserved boy that still has trouble letting down his guard around humans. Tack is a bit of a mystery man right now because we don’t think he’s showing us his true personality yet. He’s going to need much more time and work than some of the other dogs.
Pando — a very calm and gentle soul with a badly broken spirit. Pando has the most soulful eyes... He might allow himself to connect with you for a second, but then he will retreat back into aloofness. Bit by bit we see some happiness out of him, but he still seems too scared to let it all out just yet.
Lainie (on the left) and Terry (on the right) are two of the dogs that still can’t be touched or petted. Lainie is sometimes brave enough to eat food from your hand, but does not let you get any closer. Terry still won’t eat in front of people; he shows the most semi-feral behavior and will be one of the most difficult dogs to work with .

 Loxie — a born leader. She is the smallest of all the dogs, but her personality is one of the biggest! She recently began letting us give her chin scratches, and she’s really enjoying playing with the toys!
Filly — sweet, beautiful, lovable Filly. She is by far the most social of the group and thoroughly enjoys human interaction. However... she is still terrified of having a leash around her neck! We are slowly desensitizing her to the concept of a leash so she will eventually be able to go on walks.

Colton — poised and handsome, with a bit of a wild side. Colton has warmed up to one staff member particularly well, and we are hoping he will extend that trust to more people soon!
Toof — he’s one of the older guys in the group. He can be quite nervous when first approached, but if you give him a little bit of time and offer some pretty good convincing, he will scooch up next to you and enjoy some quality pats and scratches.

Brandon — he might be a littermate to Loxie and Lainie. He’s one of the younger dogs, and he is not touchable at this time. He did finally eat food out of someone’s hand today, but that is as close as he’ll let us get!
( Brandon (on the left) and Toof (on the right) — still very timid and unsure of the world.)
Edna — a quiet senior lady that was one of the last to be trapped (she was number 29 of 31 total that were caught). She is VERY shut down and confused about what’s going on. We’re hoping we can help her get past her fears and feel more comfortable very soon.

Donations are greatly welcomed to help us with this extra influx of these little ones that need us so much.

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