July 2023

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cover of DLC report featuring the silhouette of a person in a wheelchair

Read the report on the Disability Law Center website.

Utah Disability Law Center Report Nets Results

Utah's Disability Law Center released a heartbreaking report last month. Since then, two of the institutions it called out have been shut down. Read more about the report, what has changed, and what has not.

“I think for too long, a lot of these [longterm care facilities] have had a lack of accountability,” said Matthew Wappett, IDRPP’s executive director and a board member at the DLC. “It’s a good thing people are paying attention now.”

A woman's feet and wheelchair are visible on a city street. She's wearing cute boots.

Guest post: Hard Work Makes Memories

Guest blogger Kirsten Barraclough offers some travel tips: "If you have a disability, the planning, preparation, and packing are usually magnified because there are more factors in play. There are ways to help it go smoother, though."

Read her advice on our blog.

A woman's hand is held in front of her face in a "stop!" gesture.

Help Prevent Sexual Assault of People With Disabilities

“In 2018, NPR's Investigations Unit reported that people with disabilities were seven times more likely to experience sexual assault than people without disabilities.

It is important to understand this problem, which happens with disturbing frequency among people with disabilities, but it is under-reported and poorly understood. You can read more about it in this sponsored article on KSL.

And if you are an adult with a developmental disabilities or you care for or work with one, you can help by taking this survey. It requires only 10 minutes of your time and and will not ask for your direct experiences, just training and education needs. This survey will provide data that will inform future prevention and response efforts.  Thank you!

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Workplace Supports Training - Online

August 16

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Webinar: Learning Styles And Why They Matter Pt. 1

August 16, 2023

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ACRE Employment Training--SLC

August 22-24

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Over the Counter v Prescriptive Hearing Aids

We hear that OTC hearing aids are cheaper, but do they actually save you money? USU's Dr. Tiffany Shelton offers some pointers for hearing better.

Dr. Shelton smiles as she speaks.

IDRPP's Early Echo: Sleep Part 1

Kassidy Reinert shared data that explained the importance of sleep for both children and their families, as well as several tools and resources providers can share with the families they work with.

A slide with the header: "Getting Help with Sleep."

Mental Health/ Developmental Disability

The Institute's Dr. Ty Aller presents on behavior as communication in the context of mental health concerns and addresses mental health literacy.

Happy Disability Pride Month!

Contributor Dillon Lundahl helped us celebrate Disability Pride Month with this delightful video.

Life Before and After the ADA

This blog post from the archives, written by our own Mary Ellen Heiner, reminds readers of the real-life impact the ADA has on the lives of people with disabilities.

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