November 12, 2022

Let Veterans Day be Everyday!

And let's let the freedom they fought and died for and are fighting and dying for now actually translate to FREEDOM. It isn't happening now. Our military is dwindling, and in large part due to the intrusive requirements of experimental medical therapies... AKA... the Covid-19 vaccines.

Those veterans gone before and passed on are rolling over in their graves at the adulterous, lazy, and ignorant outcome of all they fought and died for as realized in our present world today.

Those serving in our military now know they do not have the true backing of the country they are serving and that their lives and the lives of their families have much less support from their government than those of illegal immigrants.

Those enemies of our country are laughing at our gullibility and lack of leadership and are making their "dis-respective" moves.

If things continue as they are, the United States military will continue to devolve and dwindle, and the new military will be from the United Nations and NOT the United States.

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THIS or THIS? What are we thinking?

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The Take Down...

‘Outright Fraud’: Congressman and Former Admiral Decry Ongoing Military Vaccine Mandate

"Although President Joe Biden declared that “the pandemic is over” last Sunday on “60 Minutes,” the Biden administration seems to hold the vaccination mandate more sacred than religious liberty — and America’s national security is paying the price. The Biden administration’s near-total refusal to grant exemptions for servicemembers with religious objections to the COVID-19 vaccine reflects pervasive “error if not outright fraud,” and has caused a recruitment crisis that imperils U.S. military readiness, a congressman said on Monday." LEARN MORE

Lt. Col. Peter Chambers has a 38-year career in the military. He is a Green Beret Commander having served in the Special Forces, and he is a military doctor, serving as a flight surgeon and combat medic. He has earned the Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medal, as well as other military awards for his service.

Lt. Col. Peter Chambers became a whistleblower after suffering neurological issues following mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, and seeing similar vaccine injuries in other soldiers, including: strokes, blood clots, cerebral bleeding, and various neurological injuries. learn more

And the "Gender Journey" - More Take Down

Ex-Trans Teen to Sue Kaiser Permanente Over Gender Transition as Minor

Chloe Cole, who was prescribed puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and then had her breasts removed when she was 15, says she will sue the medical group and hospital that facilitated the gender transition as a minor she now deeply regrets. LEARN MORE

411,100 views Sep 21, 2022

Watch detransitioner Chloe Cole speak out against ‘gender-affirming’ health care at the Capitol.

Her video taken down, but you can hear/see it here, thanks to this dude grabbing it...

“We help individuals who are questioning their gender identity or who identify as transgender or nonbinary, and we help them with their gender journey,” Olezeski says in a video posted on the Yale School of Medicine’s official YouTube channel. The video has been set to private.

Yale Pediatric Program Helps ‘Gender Expansive’ 3-Year-Olds on Their ‘Gender Journeys’

Christy Olezeski, a clinical psychologist who cofounded and directs the Yale Pediatric Gender Program, was filmed describing the program as one that works with “gender expansive individuals, 3 to 25, and their families.”


And here, right here, in our own backyard...

Nonprofit plans to open home in Keene for LGBTQ+ youth in state care

Nov. 3—A Boston nonprofit's plans to open a group home in Keene to house youth ages 14-18 who identify as LGBTQ+ are moving forward following approval last week by the planning board, Senior Planner Mari Brunner said.

The property at 39 Summer St. — originally a single-family home, later a nursing home and most recently used as an office space for Residential Resources Inc. — will be able to accommodate eight teenagers placed in the custody of the state Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF), according to draft minutes for the Planning Board's Oct. 24 meeting. LEARN MORE

The government and your children...

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Florida Couple Loses Custody of Sons After Seeking Diagnosis From Boston Children’s Hospital

A Florida couple is embroiled in a state custody battle initiated by Boston Children’s Hospital in a case reminiscent of the highly publicized story of Justina Pelletier, the 15-year-old teen who was whisked away by 10 security guards after the hospital accused her parents of medical abuse.

Next week, up close and uncomfortable...

Next week I will have on as my guest a woman whose child was taken from her by NH DCYF under the accusation of Munchausen Syndrome. I testified on her behalf in court. We will share the details and how this "syndrome" is being used against parents (see the article above) to take children into governmental parenting. Oh, well, maybe these kids can end up in an LGBTQ+ group home like the one coming to Summer Street, Keene, NH. Remember, "VEE know BEST!" We will be peeling back the layers and heatedly, so don't miss!

Thank you, our USA military heroes, for your service...

And I have been playing this all week; a lovely patriotic tribute, and recommend the entire album

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