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In this issue of Dynamic Solutions News, we're excited to share a video about the iTAS® Servo Wheel System for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) . We've also included a video about the ACS Motion Control ServoBoost™ - which provides improved machine performance.
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Dynamic Solutions Presents: iTAS AGV Servo Wheel System
The first completely scalable, modular drive system for AGV's

The latest generation of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) needs drive solutions that reduce complexity, while ensuring maximum power density and safety. The iTAS® modular system gets right to the heart of this ambition: with its diversity, efficiency and individual scalability, our fully integrated, modular servo drive system offers an innovative modular solution that is specially tuned to the requirements of AGVs and logistical systems.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of iTAS AGV Servo Wheel System.
ACS Motion Control ServoBoost™
For Unprecedented Performance

The standard ACS servo algorithm enables industry leading performance in terms of move and settle, constant velocity and standstill stability. However, in cases when additional performance enhancement is required, ServoBoost™ is the answer. ServoBoost™ provides better, more consistent servo performance that is insensitive to noise or large changes in the system.

ServoBoost™ Is a real time algorithm that
  • Identifies disturbances in real time
  • Analyzes disturbance root cause
  • Compensates it and attenuates its impact

ServoBoost™ Provides
  • Improved machine performance: Faster settling, better stability, lower jitter, better constant velocity
  • Automatic adaptation to large changes in load and system parameters
  • Automatic compensation of disturbances, resonances, axes interaction, cogging and more)

ServoBoost™ Should be considered when
  • Extremely high accuracy constant velocity is required. ServoBoost™ provides a typical enhancement of x5
  • When standstill position jitter specifications cannot be achieved
  • There are large changes in load or system dynamics
  • The system has weakly damped resonances
  • The system has low stiffness or large inertia mismatch

Watch our video to see the benefits of ACS Motion Control ServoBoost™
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