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The Next Generation of Collaborative Robots

In this issue of Dynamic Solutions News , we've included a few videos and new product highlights to help keep you up-to-date on the latest industry news:
  • Precise Automation 6-Axis Collaborative Robots
  • New: Parker HMR (High Moment Rodless Linear Actuator Series)

Watch the videos below to learn about the unique features of the 6-Axis Collaborative Robot as well as the features of the new Parker HMR and visit our website for detailed information on each of these products. We provide value by identifying and supplying automation solutions to improve our customers' profitability and market share. Let us know how we can assist you on your next project.
If your application requires collaborative operation with 6 degrees-of-freedom (XYZ position and all possible gripper orientations), Precise Automation's line of industrial collaborative six-axis articulated robots provides the features, price and repeatability offered by traditional robots with the ease of use of popular collaborative robots.

Collaborative robots allow for the creation of a mixed manufacturing environment where people can enter and efficiently work around robots without the loss of throughput.  

  • Range of Motion - 6 Axis
  • Repeatability - 20 microns
  • Cycle Time - 1.6 s for standard 25mm x 200mm x 25mm cycle with 1kg payload
  • Maximum Payload - Up to 2.5kg
One of the Most Versatile Actuator Lines on the Market!
Parker Hannifin's new, High Moment Rodless, electromechanical linear actuator series is one of the most user friendly and versatile actuator lines on the market today. With 5 different frame sizes, 2 different drive train options, multiple mounting, carriage and sensor options, and an IP54 protective cover option, along with a multitude of other customizable features the HMR was truly designed with flexibility in mind.

  • Belt or Ball-screw Drive Trains
  • Profile Sizes: 85, 110, 150, 180, 240mm
  • Load capacities up to 26,600 N
  • Thrust force capacities up to 5,500 N
  • Standard strokes up to 4,000mm
  • Velocity up to 1.6 m/s (Ball-screw), 5.0 m/s (Belt Drive)
  • Easy lube fittings on carriage
  • Pre-configured motor, gearhead, and control package options
  • Diverse range of accessories and mountings
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