Good afternoon, PAR MLS Users!

We are emailing you today to share some important updates to the violation section of the PAR MLS Rules & Regulations.

We believe you deserve the most accurate information possible in your MLS. When you submit a listing you are entering information that is essential for your fellow members who may bring you a prospective buyer for that listing. Key components of that information are also used by appraisers, financial institutions, and for gathering market data for analysis.

You have the right to be confident that the information you give to buyers and sellers is the most factual data available. For that reason, it is necessary to have rules in place around the MLS data.

After noticing an alarming increase in monthly violations, the MLS Committee reexamined the enforcement aspects of our MLS, and with the Board of Directors Approval, adopted some changes to the violation section of the PAR MLS Rules and Regulations. These changes created three levels of violations: minor violations, prohibited activities, and major violations.

Minor violations are correctable and PAR will continue to give members two business days to correct them. Minor violations carry a $100 fine, and the $100 fine will continue to be assessed every two business days until the violation has been corrected.

Prohibited activities are not correctable, meaning the fine is immediate with no grace period, and carry a fine of $200. Although there are four prohibited activities, the two most abused violations in this category are not entering a listing within two business days, and not marking a listing sold within five business days. These two violations were moved from minor violations because the member cannot undo or correct these actions. There will be a $100 additional fee added to the fine for each instance a member violates the same prohibited activity within a calendar year.

Major violations carry an automatic fine of $300. Some major violations are correctable and the member will have two business days to make the correction. Two notable violations in this level, that were moved from minor violations, are failure to mark a coming soon listing active if shown during the Coming Soon period, and failure to mark a Coming Soon listing Active if an offer is submitted to the seller during the coming soon period. The committee was aware that the coming soon status rules continue to be violated and felt that these needed to have a much higher fine to encourage compliance. Failure to conduct a showing through the listing broker (i.e. Following the showing instructions on PAR MLS) is a new addition and was placed into the major violations category due to the seriousness of the violation. Any major violations that can be corrected, and are not corrected within two business days will continue to assess an additional $100 fine every two business days until corrected.

PAR partially monitors your listings with an automatic data checking system. Any correctable violations found will be emailed to the Listing Agent as well as a copy to the Broker. Because the member has two business days, a second email will be sent to notify the listing agent of the violation. PAR cannot send a warning on prohibited activities and some major violations because they are not aware of them until after they have occurred. There is also a Correction button in the MLS for members to use when finding incorrect data in the MLS.

Members’ identity is kept strictly confidential when using the correction button or turning in any violations. So, the use of this button is strongly encouraged. Don’t be afraid to report inaccuracies or violations immediately. We all expect and deserve the best data.

These violation changes will take effect on October 1, 2021.

This video walks you through a more in-depth review of these changes...
The MLS Committee, along with the Board of Directors, strives to help you succeed in your real estate career, and we appreciate your help in keeping the PAR MLS data as accurate as possible.

We are here to help!
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