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Webinars & Workshops
Oct 6 | 10 - 12:00 pm | Getting Started with E-Commerce
Need to get your online business up and running? Now is the perfect time to kickstart or transform your online business and take it to the next level. Join Sean Stephens, CEO of Treefrog, as he shares his beginner’s crash course on getting started with e-commerce. Presented by Mississauga Small Business Centre

Oct 8 | 10 - 12:00 pm | Business Plan 101
Why have a business plan? A business plan is a roadmap for your business that outlines goals and details how you plan to achieve those goals. Upon completion of the webinar you will receive additional resources and templates and will be fully equipped to start drafting your own business plan. Presented by the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre

Oct 8 | 1 - 3:00 pm | Using Pinterest for Business Growth
Pinterest is one of the world’s leading platforms for sharing ideas and finding inspiration. However, it is is one of the most ignored social media platforms among small business owners. Presented by Business Advisory Centre Durham

Oct 12 | 7 - 8:30 pm | Founding & Funding Your Food Business
An overview of the considerations you will need to make, the resources you need to know about and the current trends in the food industry. You will get a very brief overview of what it takes to start a consumer packaged goods food product business. Presented by the Food Venture Program

Oct 13 | 12- 1:00 pm | Social Media 201 - Advanced
Social Media for Business – Advanced Ideal for businesses who already have social media presence. This seminar is ideal for participants who already have a presence on social media to promote their business or organization. Presented by Kingston Small Business Ec Dev

Oct 14 | 10 - 11:30 am | Business Plan Essentials
Business plans can provide countless benefits beyond just applying for financing. They provide vision and guidance while you launch and run your company, and allow you to be focused on your goals even while working on day-to-day operations. Participants will understand the basic layout of a business plan including an overview of requirements and recommendations of each section. Presented by the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre

Oct 15 | 4 - 5:30 pm | Opportunities for Social Enterprise
An in-depth look at funding resources from grants to micro-loans, through to venture capital. In this session, you will gain an in-depth look at funding resources from grants to micro-loans, through to venture capital. Presented by Joanna Reynolds with Kingston Ec Dev

Today, there is a deluge of information and places to store it. Do you have bookmarks on your laptop, tags on your phone, notes on your phone, saved links on Facebook and forgetting where they all are? Trello is a terrific tool for project management and task management. Presented by Business Advisory Centre Durham

Oct 15 | 7:00 - 8:30 pm | SEO Fundamentals 
You have a website, but how do customers find it? You need to drive traffic to your website by making sure your business shows up on Google when customers search. This beginner workshop will teach you how to connect your business to customer searches on Google and to optimize your website and digital presence for Google, without costing you money. Presented by the Ontario Digital Main Street Initiative

Oct 21 | 10 - 11:30 am | Social Media for Beginners
This seminar will help beginners gain valuable information about what social media platform is for you, how to plan you content effectively and some helpful tips and tricks on how to connect with your audience. Presented by the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre

As a business owner, establishing a strong online presence is essential towards making potential sales and gaining loyal customers. Join Startup Canada and Moneris for a live #StartupChats on Twitter. It’s hosted by Lyndon Johnson, Founder of Toronto based COMMS.BAR. Presented by StartUp Canada

Whether you have $0, $50, or $100 a month to spend on Facebook and Instagram, you can still reach your target customers and clients. Discover some creative ways to do so in this beginner-level webinar. Presented by the Ontario Digital Main Street Initiative
Resources & Tools
COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program for Small Business (CEAP-SB) 

CEAP-SB, a Government of Ontario program with rules designed by the OEB, is intended to help small businesses and registered charities that are struggling to pay their energy bills as a result of the COVID-19 emergency. CEAP-SB provides a one time, on-bill credit to eligible small business and registered charity customers to help them catch up on their energy bills and resume regular payments. Learn more at
Did you know that BDC created a free step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs that’s all about helping you improve your cash flow management skills? 

 Their free eBook can show you proven ways to better manage your cash flow, including:
  • The 7 principles of cash flow management
  • How to control expenses and get paid faster
  • 7 ways to ease a cash crunch right now
  • Real-life success stories of entrepreneurs
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