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In this issue of Dynamic Solutions News, we're excited to share a video about the Schneider Lexium Captive Shaft Electric Cylinder . We've also included some great information about the Parker ACR7000 Integrated Motion Controller - which combines performance, value and scalability.
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Dynamic Solutions Presents: Schneider Lexium Captive
Shaft Electric Cylinder
Integrated Motor, Drive Electronics and Linear Mechanicals

Captive shaft electric cylinders  are now available for Lexium MDrive® (LMD) integrated motor products. Quiet, clean and compact, these LMD products integrate motor, controls, and electric cylinder to deliver linear motion. And, unlike pneumatics, there is no need for compressed air, eliminating that expense, maintenance and noise. Read More...

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Parker ACR7000 Integrated Motion Controller
Multi-Axis Servo and Stepper Systems

The new  ACR7000  series combines performance, value and scalability that meets and exceeds OEM expectations. Built on the well known ACR9000 platform, the 7000 series utilizes re-imagined hardware designs, well-suited for table top and laboratory style instruments.

The  ACR7000  is available in a Servo or Stepper configuration. High performance drives are integrated with the multi-axis motion controller into a single package, saving space, cabling, and reducing installation complexity. Standard 4 axis systems are readily available for prototypes and unique machine designs, yet can easily scale for high volume OEMs.

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