Learn How to Sue Your Employer 

This recorded special introduction to #GOTOCOURT LEGAL will give you everything you need to know to decide whether or not to sue your employer without a lawyer. Our new two-month course starts right away, so you can force a settlement or drag your employer into court as quickly as possible. 



00:00 - 26:03       Pre-Event Discussion "The tide is turning in our favor"

26:04 - 34:12.      Opening remarks and update on common law cases 

34:14 - 41:05       Getting to know Zeke Layman: "If you don't give up, anything can happen"

41:06 - 43:52       Summary of what to expect in the course

43:53 - 44:24       Start of Q&A

44:25 - 51:31       Monique: "What about a group of us suing together?"

51:32 - 55:54       Noah: "What about the release waiver they wanted me to sign at termination?"

55:55 - 58:00       Hadassah: "They're offering me my job back. What do I do?

58:01 - 59:25       Leslie: "A new job offer was rescinded. Can I sue for discrimination in hiring?"

59:26 - 1:05:00    Philip: "The labor board has delayed my complaint. How long do I wait?"

1:05:01 - 1:06:55 Brad: "Is there a statute of limitations on when I can sue?"

1:06:56 - 1:11:34 Beckie: "Do I have grounds to sue if I tested regularly while employed?"

1:11:35 - 1:21:18 Sean: "Can I sue my union too? Who do I sue first?"

1:21:19 - 1:23:57 Nelda: "Are we suing pro se? Have my state's statute of limitations passed?"

1:23:58 - 1:31:44 Helaine: "Can I sue as a health care provider? What about my reputation?"

1:31:45 - 1:34:45 Spencer: "I'm still on the job being treated badly. Can I still sue?"

1:34:46 - 1:37:08 Cilandria: "They fired me for cause and not because of mandate. Can I sue?"

1:37:09 - 1:41:12 Kimberly: "I worked for my church. Can I still use religious discrimination?"

1:41:13 - 1:46:00 Kim: "Can I sue for my daughter who was declined for an internship?"

1:46:01 - 1:59:42 Details of the #GOTOCOURT LEGAL course

1:59:43 - 1:59:44 Return to Q&A

1:59:45 - 2:12:57 Susan: "Can I fight a mean company with a lot of high paid lawyers?"

2:12:58 - 2:16:37 Monique: "Can I sue even if I was an 'at will' employee?"

2:16:38 - 2:18:24 Leslie: "I don't have all my documents. How do I get them from my employer?"

2:18:25 - 2:19:48 General question: "What will it cost to sue?"

2:19:49 - 2:24:34 Sean: "Should I act now or continuing strategizing my plan for multiple suits?"

2:24:35 - 2:28:50 Helaine: "Jews support vaccination. Can I claim religious discrimination?"

2:28:51 - 2:30:26 Nelda: "I can't afford court fees. What can I do?"

2:30:27 - 2:31:56 Tricia: "I had two different jobs. Will this course work for me?"

2:30:57 - 2:41:28 Bianca: "How does your course compare with online courses?"

2:41:29 - 2:46:01 Hadassah: "My employer is offering to negotiate my job back. What do I do?"

2:46:02 - 2:55:22 Cin: "I haven't been discriminated agains yet. Can this course help prepare?"

2:55:23 - 2:59:29 Monique: "Is it safe for you to offer assistance of counsel?"

2:59:30 - 3:01:18 Cin: "What happens if the FDA approves the vaccine for general use?"

3:01:19 - 3:06:44 Monique: "Can I work a work group with lawyers while I'm in this course?"

3:06:45 - 3:11:17 Susan: "Is it bette for me If I stick with a work group with lawyers?"

3:11:18 - 3:12:17 Closing

We Start This Week

The tides of public opinion and recent legal precedents are turning in our favor. The timing is perfect for a civil lawsuit. The first #GOTOCOURT LEGAL clinics start this week, and the discount price ends Monday night. 

Please watch the introduction above and commit to hold your employer accountable for the way they treated you. Make them justify themselves in court, under oath, with the pressure of grave consequences for failing to prove their various allegations against you. 

Please reply to this message if you have any questions about whether this course is right for you. 

Yours truly,

Clint Griess

Commoner Law Group