We just LOVE our Volunteers and Donors
The staff and animals at Olympic Peninsula Humane Society (OPHS) just wanted to reach out and say thank you to a wonderful community that loves their animals. Because of you we are able to help the many annals that need us. We could not do this work without you.
WOW! 95% of Goal!
Only 1.5 dogs left to go!
If you have not already done so, there is still time to help us with these last few dogs.
here is still time to help with these last 1 1/2 dogs!
Did You Know. . .
Besides National Spay/Neuter Month it is also Pet Dental Month?
Grooming Goes For Cats, Too
Whether your cat has short or long fur, he will benefit greatly from regular brushing or combing. This helps remove the dead hair from his coat so he doesn't ingest it while  self-grooming . It also gives you the chance to notice any changes to his body. Irregularities such as lumps, bumps or sore spots can then be investigated right away by your veterinarian.
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