June 10, 2019

Dear Friend,

Thank you for supporting Strong Tower Ranch! Because of your prayers, work, and financial gifts, we continue to serve hundreds of children in the tri-county area. Each of these children has a name, a story, and a heart that needs the hope of Jesus. We want you to know about a new opportunity to share that hope with even more children.

The large, beautiful home located near STR's barn was put on the market in October 2018. We have been considering the purchase of this home with six acres as an alternative to a new multipurpose building. After many months of prayerful contemplation and waiting patiently, God has opened the door and our offer to purchase the home has been accepted!

The purpose and vision for this property is to convert it into a welcome center and much-needed ministry office - and that is only the beginning! There are countless possibilities of how a centrally located weather-proof structure will help with unity, growth, outreach, and productivity. This addition will also boost the morale of staff and volunteers who, for many years, have done the work of STR faithfully from their homes. Here are some of the exciting things that will be happening in our new building space:

  • Welcome Center
  • Central Office
  • Summer Worker Lodging
  • Storm Shelter for Summer Campers/Staff
  • Circle-Up Teen Meetings
  • Care-Taker’s Apartment
  • Winter Programs
  • Conference/Meeting Rooms

God has called us to serve at-risk children who are experiencing difficult life circumstances. We believe our good and faithful Father is providing the means for us to share His love with even more of these children in and around our community. Above all else, this new property will be a place where God’s name will be lifted high and glorified.

We are praying that the future STR Welcome/Ministry Center be funded through one- time donations and pledges of regular, scheduled giving. The immediate need by July 1 is $70,000, 50% of which has already been committed. Our goal, with God’s help, is to pay this property off in three years. We are excited and thankful for this opportunity to serve Him through faithful stewardship of what He provides!

We trust God is leading us into a new chapter at Strong Tower Ranch, and we want you to be in it! Won't you prayerfully consider how you can help us take this step of faith? Use the button below to pledge and/or donate.
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