September 2020 Edition
The New Community Service Newsletter
Atlantic Housing Foundation Cares
This October Atlantic Housing Foundation continues to provide excellence in service to residents. While our community service rooms are not open yet, our resident services coordinators are taking in-person appointments to help residents apply for rental assistance, tutoring assistance, receive school supplies, and for personal business assistance. These appointments can be made by contacting the office or resident services coordinator. The virtual events will also continue in this new hybrid model, and our goal is to serve as many residents as possible to meet as many of the needs as we are able. During this time our resident services coordinators have remained creative and innovative as always, with a focus on health, well-being and education. We will continue our focus on health and safety as we meet one-on-one with residents and students, maintain CDC guidelines and effective use of personal protective equipment during our visits. Pictured above, three students receive full back-packs for back-to-school during the Redbud Trail Apartments school supply distribution event and two students from Waters at St. James are happily carrying their bags home. Find out more about our school supply distribution in the stories below.

The Atlantic Housing Foundation is committed to excellence in service and a focus on giving back to the community. We operate under a set of core values that drive our business goals and everyday operations. These are:

Continuous Improvement
Investing in Human Capital
Passion for Service

This commitment shines through in all that we do. Atlantic Housing Foundation cares about our residents, staff and partners. Please reach out to us if you have a comment, question, or concern at We are here for you!
Partnership Spotlight
Faith Bible Church, McKinney, Texas
September 4, 2020, Redbud Trail Apartment's Resident Service Coordinator Barbara Waller coordinated a "Community Involvement Friday" back-to-school event for her residents. She was able to supply all of her school age student residents with backpacks full of supplies thanks to her efforts and that of Pastor Stuart Sanders and the Faith Bible Church. A special thank you to everyone who participated!
State Farm and AT&T, Summerville, South Carolina
Carissa Heyward-Spell, Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) at Waters at St. James, partnered with State Farm Insurance Agency and AT&T to distribute 20 bags full of school supplies to happy students. She had many bags left which will be donated to the nearby community of Roosevelt Gardens. Nearby at Waters at Magnolia Bay, RSC Juanita Small gave away 50 bags to the students at her community. Thank you to our partners at State Farm and AT&T for their generosity and to our RSCs for their hard work and dedication.
Staff Spotlight
Our Staff Make a Difference!
Atlantic Housing Foundation is committed to helping residents in need. Arlene Malone, Assistant Community Manager at Waters at Fairfield in Columbia, South Carolina partnered with the Church of Christ at Sunset Boulevard to provide school supplies for the school age students at Waters at Fairfield.

"Even though a lot of students are still at home learning virtually there is a need for school supplies", Malone said of the effort, "the parents were so pleased to get their bags and surprised that we do this kind of thing. It was a great way to be able to tell them about what we do as an organization."

Pictured above, Ms. Joan Fulton, delivered three boxes of supplies that were left-over donations from the annual school supply gift given to the congregation. This year, Malone was excited to be the recipient of the extra donations and was able to provide kindergarten through middle school and even a few high school bags to students in need. She stated that her church knew she worked in housing and they offered to donate the remaining bags to Waters at Fairfield students.

On behalf of the families at Waters at Fairfield, Atlantic Housing Foundation would like to thank the Church of Christ at Sunset Boulevard, Joan Fulton, and Arlene Malone, Assistant Community Manager at Waters at Fairfield for the efforts to make sure students have supplies at home during the virtual learning. Atlantic Housing Foundation provides coordinated efforts for donations at all of our sites to help make sure families' are receiving the assistance needed in many different areas.
Resident Service Coordinator of the Quarter
Patricia Gulley, Arrowood Apartments Resident Services Coordinator, is our Resident Services Coordinator of the Quarter! Patricia just celebrated her fourth year of employment with Atlantic Housing Foundation. She has, during that time, worked hard to improve the communication with her residents and bring programs to them to meet their needs. Just recently she connected her residents with the following
  • Dress for Success, a partner providing suites for interviews, online help with resumes, and assistance with daily living needs;
  • Tall Pines Hill Girl Scouts who have committed to providing a year-round school supply pantry,
  • multiple rental assistance programs online,
  • scholarship workshops for our own AHF scholarship,
  • The Women's Resource providing free virtual credit counseling online,
  • The Alliance a nonprofit organization that creates opportunities for underserved residents in Houston offering qualified applicants job skills training, and the
  • Houston Food Pantry providing Senior Food Boxes.
Thank you, Patricia, for all you do for your residents !
Stop the Summer Slide Update
Special Guests for Stop the Summer Slide
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Atlantic Housing Foundation launched a new program entitled "Stop the Summer Slide".
This initiative is geared toward helping students with skills retention due to the shorter school year and long summer in 2020. The first video of the program, featuring Christa Richard, Senior Accountant for Atlantic Housing Foundation, was highlighted in our August 2020 edition of the newsletter. In this edition we are excited to announce our partner, Trevis Hall, Program Manager at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in Washington, DC, who has prepared a special reading of excerpts from I am Martin Luther King, Jr. by Brad Meltzer, from a very special location: the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial! We hope you enjoy this special reading. To find out more about our Stop the Summer Slide Program, please click the button below.
Scholarship Spotlight
Spring 2021 Scholarship Cycle : Now Accepting Applications
Applications are now being accepted for the Spring 2021 scholarship cycle. The cycle opened July 1, 2020 and is open until September 30, 2020. Students can apply online and find out more information about our scholarships at Every year Atlantic Housing Foundation awards both academic and housing scholarships. In 2019 we awarded over one million dollars to deserving recipients from low-income households.
Coming Up Next Month
Focus on Health and Well-being
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Atlantic Housing Foundation is focused on bringing low-cost/no-cost health resources such as mammogram screenings and other health resources to our residents. At Brentwood Crossing residents will receive a visit from the Friendly Dental Van, offering exams, x-rays, teeth cleaning and even cavity treatments if needed! The health and well-being of our residents is an important part of how we at AHF are transforming our communities!
The Atlantic Housing Foundation Way
Sandie Fauss, Editor
Director of Community Services
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