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June 8, 2020
     It's been three months now, we're entering our 12th week of stay at home, but phase two means more merchants will be opening and a  welcome piece of news for people who have sons and daughters in residential settings . 

    DDS has issued a relaxation of the visitation policy. For families who decided at the outset to bring sons and daughters home, this signals that the end of what must feel like a siege is in site. It's hard to admit that your child's needs are too much for a family to handle. It is gut wrenching. Then to take them home after years of residential placement again is a hard decision to make. How do you fill the days and where do you get the energy?  My friend Sue Senator, is one of those brave parents and she and her son have weathered the storm.

I opted NOT to take my son home. It broke my heart but at the outset of this pandemic I was barely able to walk with no guarantee that another cortisone shot would give me some relief. Couple that with caring for a disabled husband and trying to work 40 hours  a week I knew I wouldn't be able to do what Ed would need , that he would soon grow bored .  So it is wonderful to be able to have outside visits - Thankfully being summer the weather allows for this and it's pleasant to be outside.  Now lets keep our fingers crossed and hope we have a vaccine by years end. I know the V word is hard for some folks but this virus has  been pretty educational in seeing what disease can do to our way of life when able to spread .  We will be faced with hard choices again for our sons and daughters when and if one is developed.  But that's what parenting is about. Making the best choices we can for another person, guiding them until they can make their own choices. 

Given how very unpredictable our lives are right now with this v irus, we've added a session to Autism 101. I implore ALL of you to take advantage of the Thursday Night workshop by Chris Sharry. Done once,  a letter of intent is easily updated as needs and life changes. Chris will also be covering planning for the future. This is his area of expertise and you have a golden opportunity to learn and become better prepared than I was when I blithely went into surgery last summer expecting I 'd be home in 2 days! If I had done this simple thing I would have saved my family so much stress. 

Yes we are seeing some light at the end of this tunnel but we can not assume that we are out of the woods. This Covid 19 virus has been unpredictable and virulent. 
Please make an investment of time that will save your child and family needless pain. 

Did you love Alieyah's book about Walt Disney? I know I did. If you haven't seen the video check it out on our Facebook Discussion Group. Does your child have a special talent?    We'd love to have more videos of kids singing, maybe preforming their dance recital numbers? Playing an instrument or art shows featur ing the artwork of our kids. How hard is it to take a picture or video and e-mail it to me? So if your child has a special talent, takes music, dance or karate lessons and wants to be part of the fun, send a video clip to Sloring@hmea.org  with a signed permission to share and then tune in on Sunday at 2 PM for the show. 
 Everyone deserves a moment in the sun. 

Finally Tuesday Night Cid & I will trial a Karaoke Session with Teens, we sat in on a session that is quite popular with clients at Bridgewell to see how they do it. This might be a welcome diversion for your teen.  We'll be changing things up as schools close with more fun activities, fewer support groups and making the best of this covid summer!  

After 12 weeks, Stay Safe, Stay Connected and try to Stay Sane! 

Sue & Kris 

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Sue Loring - Director Of Community  and Family Affairs
HMEA's Autism Resource Central 

Kris Cariglia - Director of Center Operations
HMEA's Autism Resource Central 
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