🚢 What made Noah the most successful business investor? 

When everything around him was liquidated, he still managed to keep his stock afloat.


God's people built walls around the city of Jerusalem with various gates. These walls protected his people from attacks. 🧱 We also need to set up walls or boundaries around ourselves, our family, our business, and our country. This will make us less susceptible to attack - And we will be attacked. Do not believe the lies that everything is acceptable and should be tolerated. While we are called to love everyone, we can still do that without compromising ourselves and what's dear to us.

OK, enough preaching, let's learn to make more money.
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Built for freedom business owners - Those willing to work hard so their business succeeds. The actionable steps packed into these newsletters will enable you to do just that. Not only will you grow your income, but you'll also see what ways your business can participate in the Parallel Economy while canceling big tech.


Items marked in red are in this issue. Remaining items will be included in subsequent issues.

  • True or False - The segment where I destroy some of the marketing advice every business owner has heard (and thought was true).
  • Newest Freedom Tool - A quick recap of the newest Parallel Economy tool on the internet, what it does, and whether or not it can serve your business.
  • Social Media Tip - Real steps I take when I promote my clients' businesses.
  • What I Learned this Week - Whether painful or pleasurable, let's see what I've experimented with this time and how it turned out.
  • Website Work - If you haven't done this to your website yet, you should.
  • Article Spotlight - Best article I found to further give you insight into growing your sales.
  • Email Marketing Mastery - Guidance to add more power to your emails.
  • Take-away - Actionable steps to try this week to further your business. For example, a list of all the websites that have Parallel Economy listings so you can add your business.
  • Gab Guidance - I wonder what this section is about...
  • Business Shout-out - Parallel Economy business shout-out (hopefully with a a nice coupon for gabbers).
  • Ask me Anything - Answers to your burning questions.
  • Productivity Trick - Lose the fluff so you can work less and earn more.
  • Top Thread - Favorite social post with worthwhile content.

If you post more often, you get more sales!

This is actually False...kind of. 🤔 Posting on any social platform has more to do with the content and less to do with how often. While "hustling" and posting/networking a lot can certainly grow your followers, it is not necessary to have a successful business. Social Media is only one piece of the puzzle. 🧩 If you are just starting out, or don't have time to devote to daily posts, that is just fine. It's more important to post consistently, and put thought into content that is interesting, funny, engaging, informative etc. for your audience. 💯 Your Best Bet: Choose the same two days each week you will devote to sharing a new post within your audience related groups, comment on others' posts, and just be a human. This should take you 30-45 minutes (including graphic creation) per day. Set a timer so you don't get distracted.

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🌿 Wild Natural Living

Family business that handcrafts herbal tinctures such as their best selling Spike Protein Defender. They wild forage all their organic ingredients. Visit their Website.


📊 Surveys are one of the best tools to "talk" to a bigger portion of your audience. Scrolling through Gab, I cannot resist providing my thoughts in these member-produced polls. No one can! My favorite poll this week was one by @GarPunk. He is a passionate gabber for freedom and conservatism as well as a GabTV personality.


While his question revolved around video length, I felt strongly that there were implications the business owner could take from this as well. I needed to apply this to all parts of my own marketing - 🗨️ My Gab Posts should be short and to-the-point; My social comments don't need to be the length of a book; Emails sent to clients need not explain every little detail. Why? Because even though I may have a lot that I could say, it doesn't mean everyone wants to hear it. I need to value others' time as much as I want them to value my time. What do you think of this idea? Hit reply to tell me.

🤔 I'm curious: Do you us Gab Social on light mode or dark mode?
⚪ White Mode
⚫ Dark Mode
I had no idea I could change this!

It's difficult to explain how powerful email marketing is to someone who gets spammed with email every day. 📨📨📨 New business owners also sometimes misunderstand the far-reaching abilities of a good email marketing plan. Just like social media, email marketing is an integral part of the puzzle to growing your business and sales.

The good news is, it doesn't have to take a ton of time when you focus your efforts correctly. ⬇

Your email marketing is a two-part system:

1. Getting contacts on your list

2. Sending out consistent emails.

Let's just get some ideas for growing your list first.

The best ways to grow your list includes providing an incentive so people will want to sign up. 🎁 This includes a discount, free gift or service with purchase, or whatever makes sense for your business. It should not be a high price item that will hurt you financially to give away. You also want to be careful not to provide an incentive that will lower the perceived value of your goods or services. For instance, if you provide a service for $100, rather than give a $20 off coupon, you may decide to throw in another small service for free. 💵 That way the next time they come to you, they may want to purchase both services (now that they realize they can't live without them).

You also may decide not to give anything away at all, but simply explain that if they sign up, they will get to see new products first, get information about ways to use the products, or something equally creative. 🌟 Even if you don't start sending out emails, at least you will have a database of interested potentials growing in the background.

🗣️ Hit reply to ask me anything. It may be answered in the next newsletter!


Gab Feeds: Curated feed of gabbers pertaining to a specific topic.

Under the Gab Menu (left hand side of the screen in desktop) you can click on Feeds to see the Featured Feeds. 📋 Think of Feeds as lists - A collection of gabbers' news feeds that revolve around a certain subject.


You'll also see a quick view of Gab Feeds you are a part of just below your profile info on the right-hand side of the screen (on desktop). On your phone, you'll need to click your profile photo in the bottom right and select Feeds - The second option in the menu.

I've been building a Gab Feed called 🇺🇸 Freedom Business Marketing focused on gabbers who provide mostly marketing/web design tips with very little political posts. Thank you to Elijah Shoesmith for your help with this!

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