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The new Weight Watchers program, right in time for the holidays, without depriving yourself of your favorites, and in some cases, once a year treats, is ready for you NOW!

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This is not it! Our scientists and nutrition experts figured it out! We're ready to share that 'eat your favorites and still lose weight' finding as soon as you're ready to rediscover Weight Watchers. Reach Goal; Become a coveted Lifetime Member; Maintain your healthy life!

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get support on your journey!

it's a lot easier and a lot more fun when our friends support our efforts. As the pounds drop, shop for clothes together, walk, bike; change "let's have lunch" to "let's go to the mall!" Especially at this time of year -- that's a workout in itself! Or, our favorite, "How about you cooking tonight!"

you know how errands often feel less daunting or, even fun when a friend or loved one tags along?

It’s true of our weight-loss journey, too—especially during the holiday season. If our friends want to support us ... let's let them know how ...

we can be successful without anybody helping us, but

success is much more likely

if the people in our life are on board with us.

During the holiday season challenges will be more present. We shouldn't be hesitant to let our closest friends know what we're up to. Let's ask for their support! Bet they'll be proud, happy and part of our journey!

Our friends will see us through new eyes. We have a strength and determination they may have not seen in us!

Look, we don't have to make an 📢 announcement. Our friends will be happy to hear how to be a part of our success and how to enjoy the time with us! We'll be a good example for them ... they'll back us!

social support can come in many forms:

Direct aid in the needed activity (like joining us for a walk, or helping us plan/make/prepare healthy foods).

Aid in another activity that frees us up for the needed activity (like watching our kids so we can go to the gym without undue stress).

Direct encouragement (“I think what you’re doing is awesome!”) is so good to hear, isn't it?

Declining to discourage (It's OK, we should ask our friends not to do their usual friendly teasing).

They'll get it! It's different. No fads - Weight Watchers

social support is a crucial part of any big change in your life, especially anything that you do for your health.

When you're trying to lose weight, here are some invaluable tips from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

  • let our friends know how they can be helpful: Get specifics, and then resolve to trust your friend will follow your requests.
  • celebrate things with a non-food activity, like going to the movies, take a painting class, go sky-diving, or take a walk together. Don’t make food the only reinforcer.
  • go to our Weight Watchers workshop-no excuses! Again, you get the most support from people who understand your journey. Let your friend know you need help with the kids for your hour Weight Watchers "me time".
  • put away the junk food. have it put away and out of sight. The sight of food is powerful. Make it easier on ourselves.
  • talk it out. If you have a friend you've opened up to, then talk and listen. Or at our Weight Watchers Workshop, we need to hear what other Members are saying, usually we learn the most from other Members--we don't have to go it alone.
  • just hear and understand each other, the exchange makes for great teamwork!.
  • go to dinner together, even have a cocktail or go for walks with them. Be a partner.
  • if we know our obstacles, anticipate those obstacles and clear them ahead of time. Maybe you can ask for a seat that isn’t near the 5-foot charcuterie table.
  • take a driving route that doesn’t go past the fast food places. 😋
  • if you do go past the food places, drive fast!🤭
  • tell your friend how thankful you are for their efforts to support you: Make it about who they are. They’re doing something difficult.
  • they are doing something just for us! cheer on the good: Let our friends know we see progress. “I’m so proud of what I'm doing!” We deserve it!
  • lead by example: Go for the salad or other healthy food choices in a tough environment. Get our walk in, and invite them along.
  • we may inspire and embolden them to see healthy actions as normal, even in a challenging setting.
  • finally, let's ask our pals to set aside the teasing: Maybe that’s a fun part of our friendship, but it can wait until we're on less shaky ground.

Ultimately, the responsibility to make healthy changes is on us, not them.


We’ve updated our program to make losing weight easier—so you can reach your goals and stay there.

Here’s what’s new: 

Uncomplicated Points® tracking 

A streamlined ZeroPoint™ foods list for every Member

Your new tailored Points Budget

An easier-to-navigate app

deb w

general manager and

voice of philadelphia

Dear Philadelphia Member,

When holidays approach some of us look at the interactions with family and friends as an obstacle to our healthy weight journeys and some of us look at the interactions as helpful to our journey. Sometimes our perception of these interactions is about what we believe is being intended.


There are times when a friend or family member makes a comment like “are you still going to WW and tracking your food?”


What are the possible intents in a question like that? Well, maybe the person is thinking to themselves, “I wish I had your resolve” or it might even be a way of asking “how can I help?”


Giving someone the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the intention of their comment sets us up for better success throughout the holiday social scene.


Here are my favorite tips:

1.    Wear clothing that fits. Nothing too big or too small. Wearing clothing that fits the body we are in at the moment reminds us of the work we’ve already put into the process.

2.    When going to a party or holiday event, do not get overly hungry. Before attending an event EAT some ZeroPoint foods and include something with a little protein. There’s nothing worse than being too hungry when you get somewhere and end up elbow-deep in the chips and dips. Bring food that you can eat. Crudites are a very welcome addition to any party. Colorful and delicious these healthy trays make a gorgeous presentation of veggies and fruits accompanied ... even an Onion dip for ZeroPoints!

3.    Plan something in addition to eating food. Party game anyone? Depending upon the size of your group it can be different games for different folks. Maybe some like touch football and others like cards or board games. I like something that crosses all age groups. That crazy big ball of small items wrapped in plastic wrap, I’ve seen on social media looks fun, or a white elephant gift exchange with a dice roll for an opportunity to exchange your gift for a “better” one.

4.    Sit next to a naturally average-weight person when you’re eating, like my sister. Typically, they take a small amount of nearly everything offered, truly enjoy the food they love, and leave on the plate the foods that they’re not impressed with. No clean plate club membership is required.


Enjoy the season, the friends, and the family. No matter our religious or cultural backgrounds, the mid-November to early January time of the year gives us an opportunity to see and enjoy the beautiful people in our lives.


Your best effort during this busy time is good enough. Add in a few extra steps wherever you can and make time for your Weight Watchers workshop.


Stay well and have a great week,

Deb Wright

General Manager

Voice of Philadelphia

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sleeping well during the holidays

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simple holiday delights made to impress and enjoy!


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