Dear Valued Patients and Friends,

Happy October! 🍁 With the busy time of year (and with illnesses, including COVID, still going around), we understand it can be hard to sometimes honor your scheduled dental appointments. We ask, however, that you do all you can to keep your previously scheduled appointments. As you have likely heard, there is a severe shortage of workers throughout the nation. We have been hit especially hard in the dental industry. Every dental office we know, including ours, is understaffed at this time. This means that every appointment is precious and we cannot have appointments go unfilled. When you miss your appointment or even if you give us some notice by way of a cancellation call, it takes us a lot of time to piece things back together. This is time we would much rather devote to providing you with impeccable customer service!

Unfortunately, due to increased costs for products and labor and the need to increase wages for our amazing employees, we have no other option but to start consistently charging for missed appointments or appointments canceled with late notice. We thank you for your understanding of this matter. We look forward to serving you this fall and winter. ❤️
Lastly, now is a great time to schedule your family's early winter recare visits, call our office at the number below or follow this link to schedule online. We hope to see you soon!


Drs. Elizabeth and Jeff Eggert
and the Eggert Family Dentistry Team
Our Wonder Woman Award is Back! 💪
Meet our two winners for this month below, Lea (left) and Kristina (right), and see how they feel about being awarded (below)!
Congrats, Lea!

Lea has taken on an important leadership role in the training of Emily, our new hygienist. She has been very helpful throughout each work day, but also has spent off-clinic hours bringing Emily up-to-date about what she needs to know to provide the best patient care in our office.

Thanks for all the time you've been devoting to Emily's success Lea! You've been an amazing help!
Congrats, Kristina!

Kristina was awarded the Wonder Woman award this month because she was instrumental in helping us recruit our new magnificent hygienist Emily. Emily has known Kristina's husband's family since childhood and when she realized Kristina was part of our awesome team, it made Emily want to apply!

Thanks Kristina, we couldn't have done it without you!
Patient Story
Sometimes the Results are Worth the Wait – M’s Story

After having jaw surgery in 2013, M noticed that he had to force his muscles to bite correctly and didn’t like that his teeth were jagged and did not have a clean line. He mentioned this to Dr. Elizabeth at his recare appointment, who recommended he undergo our records process to determine how lengthening his front teeth would help improve his bite. Read all about M’s story and see more of his new smile by clicking the button below!

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