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August 2021
Eileen's Lesson
As many know, I have been running regularly for about ten years. I generally run 3x a week.
Earlier this year, my husband asked if he could join me for my runs. You should know that I run early in the morning. My husband is a morning person. However, he had been telling me for years that he had no intention of exercising at 5 am. So when he asked, I immediately said ok. 

At first, he struggled and had to turn around. But he kept at it and eventually was able to run 4 miles. At that point, he said he was happy and wouldn't do more. I said, "No worries," but I was joining a half marathon training program and would be running with that group on the weekends.  

He joined the training group for a trial run and then, to my surprise, joined the training program.  He said, "I'm joining, but I see you have runs here that are
8-14 miles. Once you hit that point, I'm not doing it." 

What happened next? He ran the 8-mile run but said that is it, and he's not doing a half marathon. However, he ran the 11-mile run, said, "OK, I'll do the Baltimore 10 Miler, " and then repeated, "but I'm not doing a half marathon." Well, I think you guessed it. Last month, my husband who never ran regularly and never more than a few miles, completed his first half marathon. Was he fast? Does that really matter? 
The other day, someone shared with me the Navy Seal 40% rule.  The rule states that we are capable of more than what we think we are. Therefore, when your mind tells you that you are done, you are only 40% done. If you want to hear about David Goggins and the 40% rule, watch this video

This past year and a half has felt like a marathon, and we all have "running" fatigue. However, whether in business or life, we are all capable of making our long-distance finish line. If you need a partner to help you reach your HR goals, give us a call.

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