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We hope you’ll stop in soon. We offer a variety of classes, including Yoga AND Pilates (the perfect combination), Xtend Barre, TRX, Orbit and much more.

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Eat clean for 21 days and feel great - - I hope you can join us!
I did this cleanse and lost over 15 pounds! I've done many cleanses and this was by far the best one I've done because I very rarely felt like I was hungry, I ate often, I could have coffee, and there were no pills or shakes involved! We just ate a lot of vegetables, lean meats and eggs, and eventually some good carbs. I'm telling you it was NOT difficult!
We are going to have a private Facebook group where we can encourage each other and share ideas for food and drinks! You will FEEL so much better just in the first week! More energy, lighter, clearer!
Five Days a Week for a Month. You'll get a yoga "lesson" in your home via a private FB group!
We just finished our first ever BEGINNERS YOGA MONTH! It was so awesome, we’re doing it again! You'll learn about creating a space in your house for practice, meditation, yoga poses and flows, the breakdown of a yoga class, the different types of yoga, and more. You’ll slowly start to take yoga classes, starting with short 30-minute classes, and working your way up. You can watch the “lessons” live, or go back and watch them later if you missed them. The videos stay on the page, and YOU stay in the group long past the February finish line, so if you want to take the process a little slower, you can! This is the perfect way to start doing yoga! We had a few experienced yogis enter the group as well, and they all said they learned a lot and were very happy they took it! I’m really proud of this format and encourage you to introduce it to your friends who keep saying they’ve always wanted to try yoga.
We are Offering FREE Classes for Beginners!
Do you want to start using the reformer, but your nervous to jump into a class? Check the schedule and pick a Beginner Pilates class and join us. You'll learn the basics of the reformer, know what to expect in class, and become more confident to join us in one of our many classes offered at Happy Hour. Join other beginners and feel free to ask questions! 
Celebrate Valentine's Day at Happy Hour Yoga!
We're inviting 10 couples to PARTNER YOGA! This is a FUN class... not serious... not difficult! Your non-yoga partner will enjoy it! You'll laugh and have fun together, and have some bonding time. After yoga, you'll listen to LIVE music, have some wine/beer/lacroix and a sweet chocolatey treat! Yoga, beverages, dessert, live music. Don't wait to sign up! You can bring your better half, a friend, a sister, or a daughter/son (teens and up).

Cost: $25 per person/$50 per couple (only 10 couple spots available).
Join the Group, Look for a Class and GO!
We are still recording nearly all of our group/yoga classes on Happy Hour at Home. If you’d like to take us on your vacations, or do your workouts at home, register for Happy Hour at Home and choose from hundreds of saved classes, or watch us live. You can join for just one week for $30 or for an entire month for $80.  No registering, no time schedule, no signing up for classes.
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