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Conference Bulletin 2
December 20, 2019 - - - - ------------------ - - - - countdown: 45 days
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International Bazaar = Networking Hub
The International Bazaar is the exhibition space for tour operators, destinations, and travel suppliers as well as the festive promotional exhibits of the official Conference Partners. 

You will also find corner lounges, refreshment breaks, CONNECTS meetings ,  complimentary coffee, and deli cart lunches,
  • Meet the "who's who" of special interest educational travel across the globe.
  • Keep current on new product offerings competing for your travelers’ attention.
  • Secure destination information relevant to planning present and future programs.

Generous Contribution Toward a More Sustainable Conference
We are pleased to announce that the carbon emissions for the land portion of the 2020 Conference have been offset for each attendee and ETC staff!

Based on industry averages, this includes airport transfers, hotel rooms, meals & beverages, and meeting space.
Carbon offsetting for ETC 2020 was a goal identified by the Sustainable Tourism Committee and it will be facilitated and funded in entirety by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The WWF offsetting does not include individual attendee airfares - only the land portion of the Conference, based on number of attendees.

The offset will support a portion of an Efficient Cook Stove Program in Rwanda. The project tackles fuel consumption and deforestation by providing innovative home cook stoves to communities throughout Rwanda. With 10,800 cook stoves distributed, locals are able to use these stoves to improve health conditions in their homes by reducing smoke inhalation. In addition, locals use 70 percent less
firewood compared with traditional stoves, decreasing rampant deforestation in central Africa.
The new stoves also free up approximately 2 million hours of time required to collect
wood, allowing people to spend more time on income-generating activities.
1920s Community Dinner Gala
Wednesday, February 5, 7:30-9:30 pm

This annual, well-attended event is always a lot of fun! This year, walk back in time to the 1920’s and experience a gala dinner at the historic and beautifully-restored Read House.

Dinner entertainment by a Broadway star completes an evening of fine cuisine in the spectacular Crystal Ballroom. After dinner, dessert buffets and bars will be spread throughout adjacent rooms to facilitate progressive networking.

With a retro roaring twenties theme, attendees are encouraged to come dressed in 1920’s style. The ETC team and The Read House will be dressed for the occasion!   
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Sponsors' Corner
In this bulletin, we feature our Community Dinner Sponsors!

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