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Good Morning, everyone.

As Covid-19 cases spike across the country, the holiday season will look very different this year.  Gatherings will be smaller or deferred altogether. In place of face-to-face gatherings, many are opting for phone calls or coming together via Zoom. Locally, most LLH members have decided to stay home or get together within a small, safe “pod.” While these are challenging times, the news of promising vaccines on the horizon can give us all hope that the end of isolation is within sight. 
In a recent interview, psychiatrist and former American Medical Association president, Dr. Patrice Harris, provided advice on how to navigate the holidays this year. Dr. Harris acknowledged the reality that we all need to continue to stay safe by limiting exposure to others, social distancing, and wearing masks. She also encouraged people to engage in activities that bring them joy, such as decorating for the holidays, making traditional holiday recipes and connecting with family and friends in safe ways. With this advice in mind, we can all plan ahead and do the things that will not only help us through the holidays, but perhaps will also develop some new traditions. Most importantly, if you are struggling emotionally, you are not alone. Many of us are facing the same issues. Reach out and talk to someone. Seek some comfort and help. 
Speaking of the holidays, our LLH community celebrated Thanksgiving in a new way this year. The Program and Membership Committee partnered with Wegmans to prepare 32 individual Thanksgiving dinners for some of our members. We are grateful to the committees who worked with Wegmans and to the 16 volunteers who delivered the meals. Once again, these actions show that we are truly a connected, caring, community where neighbors help neighbors.

If you need anything, or if you’d like to talk, please contact me.




Monday, November 30th at 10:00 am

Guy's Group Walkabout


Monday, November 30th at 1:00 pm

Women Walking


Tuesday, December 1st at 2:00 pm

Presented by Dr. John Costello, LLH Member


Thursday, December 3rd at 5:00 pm

Happy Hour


Friday, December 4th at 11:00

Picturing the World:

The Photography of Margaret Bourke-White


Wednesday, December 9th at 3:00 pm

Alternative Energy Choices


As of this reporting (11-26-20): there are 1,027 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Tompkins County, 872 recovered, 4 hospitalized and 7,573 pending. There are currently 154 active cases.
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Covid-19 Check Up: The New York State Office For The Aging
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This reporting form is for non-emergency reporting of behaviors involving student(s) organizations or employees that do not promote a healthy and safe community during the pandemic caused by Covid-19: Cornell
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For Covid-19 Updates:
Tompkins County Health Department at
Center for Disease Control and Prevention at
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What Our Members Are Saying About LLH

“LLH has given me friends. As a newcomer to Ithaca, I knew no one. Now, through meals together and programs attended, I have met some wonderful people.”

“I have recommended Love Living at Home to others and one of them has in fact become a member. I recommend LLH, because I think it offers a great deal. This year, of course, has been difficult because of the pandemic, but the organization offers varied and numerous opportunities for social engagement, learning, a relationship with the YMCA, the invaluable support of volunteers who help with home maintenance and many other things, and the sense of belonging to a community. Again, for me, the best thing is knowing that the organization is always there if I need it. I don’t expect it to solve all my problems, but it’s a good feeling to know that I can start there.”

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Membership fees may be paid annually or in monthly installments and financial aid is available and completely confidential. LLH does not want the membership fee to be a barrier to joining. For more information, or to join, please click the link above or contact the office at or calling 607-319-0162.

Arts & Crafts
Women's Walk
Cornell Plantations
Wildflower Walk

Directory Of LLH Members: How To Find It And Use It

-Click on “Member Login”  at the upper right of the screen
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If you have questions please call the office or email the office.


Become a Volunteer

Driving - Friendly Calls or Visits - Home Maintenance - Much More

LLH volunteers are neighbors helping neighbors. Volunteers find true reward in providing a valuable service in support of our community. In fact, studies show volunteers lead happier lives simply because they volunteer.

LLH volunteers give as much time as they wish according to a schedule that suits them. Volunteers do not have to be members and members do not have to volunteer. All ages and abilities are welcome. To learn more about this fulfilling opportunity please call the office at 607-319-0162

Thanksgiving Dinner Pick-up And Delivery
Scammers are always around, but they are also opportunistic. At critical times, like during a pandemic when people may be feeling vulnerable, scammers come up with new ways to take advantage of people. In addition, we have witnessed an increase in crime locally, like car brake-ins and robberies, also known as “smash and grab.” We are including links below to articles regarding the types of scams we might experience, as well as how to deal with potential scammers. 

IRS Warns: Top 12 Tax Scams of 2020
Prevent Car Break Ins Smash And Grab
11 COVID-19 Scams To Watch Out For

Community Partners
LLH Members Receive 25% Discount on YMCA Membership

Beginning Tuesday, December 1. 2020, LLH members will now receive a 25% discount on their YMCA membership, which will give them full access to member amenities and services. A new online only Y membership option will soon be available as well, for individuals who wish to participate in virtual group fitness classes instead of coming to the Y in person.

If you have any questions about our arrangements with the Y, please contact Cheryl at or 607-319-0162.


A Message
The Free Clinic:

We wanted to keep you up-to-date with the health care services available at the Ithaca Free Clinic following the mandated COVID-19 shutdown last March.
Please let your family, friends, neighbors, and the individuals your organization serves, know that the Ithaca Free Clinic is up, running, and ready to help with their health care needs.
Live, two-way video translation service in 60 languages, including, American Sign Language, is available. Do not let language be a barrier to accessing health care services at the Free Clinic.
With support from the Ithaca Rotary Club, the Free Clinic has started the process of installing air purifiers in exam rooms to help reduce the possible on-site spread of COVID-19. All Clinic services are now by appointment only. COVID pre-screening and door screening required. Appropriate social distancing practices, waterless hand cleaning stations, and sneeze guards are in place. Personal Protective Equipment is available. Weekly cleaning and disinfecting services are provided by Challenge Industries. Your health and safety is our utmost concern.
Appointments for November's Free Employment Physicals and Optometry Clinics are filling quickly! Contact the Free Clinic to schedule your November appointment! Call 607-330-1254 or email: today!
November 06, 2020 Update:
1. We are beginning our 6th month of FREE TeleHealth services. Seeing existing and new patients by appointment. Visit by video or phone. Can provide FREE iPad and WIFI access, in the comfort of your car, from Free Clinic parking lot if needed. Please call to schedule.  (607-330-1254)
2. We are beginning our 4th month of FREE on-site Employment Physicals and PPD testing. Seeing existing and new patients by appointment. Please call to schedule.  (Phone: 607-330-1254)
3. We are beginning our 4th month of FREE on-site Optometry and Optician Clinics. Seeing existing and new patients by appointment. Please call to schedule.  (Phone: 607-330-1254)
4. We are beginning our 4th month of FREE TeleHealth Herbal Clinics. Seeing existing and new patients by appointment. Please call to schedule. (Phone: 607-330-1254)
5. We are beginning our 3rd month of FREE on-site Acupuncture Clinics. Seeing existing and new patients by appointment. Please call to schedule. (Phone: 607-330-1254)
6. We are beginning our 3rd month of FREE TeleHealth Occupational Therapy services. Seeing existing and new patients by appointment. Please call to schedule. (Phone: 607-330-1254)
7. We began our 2nd month of FREE on-site Chiropractic Clinics in the third week of October. Seeing existing and new patients by appointment. Please call to schedule. (Phone: 607-330-1254)
8. Free Prescription Medication Support and Financial Advocacy services available by appointment. Please call to schedule. (Phone: 607-330-1254)
9. The Lourdes mobile 3-D Mammography van will visit the Free Clinic on Wednesday, November 25th, from 1 pm to 7 pm. Seeing existing and new patients by appointment. Please call to register and schedule. (Phone: 607-798-5723)
10. Arnot IVY/HIV Care Clinic is beginning their 5th month of on-site visits at the Free Clinic. Seeing existing and new patients by appointment. Please call to schedule. (Phone: 607-795-8161)
11. In partnership with Mutual Aid Tompkins, a Food Sharing Cabinet was installed in front of the Ithaca Free Clinic this past May. Because of demand, we added a 2nd Food Sharing Cabinet in the third week of October. Please take or leave food and other essential items. If you have a specific need, or you would like to know more about services provided by MAT, please call or email. (Phone: 607-288-3252 or email:
Please do not hesitate to call if you or someone you know, are uninsured, and in need of health care services. Call today!


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The Paleontological Research Institution has developed Earth@Home, a free online toolkit for learning about Earth and its 4.5-billion-year history. Earth@Home is rich with free interactive content about Earth and its life, with a focus on geology, paleontology, climate, and the connections of Earth’s different systems.
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Thank you Robin Dubovi and Carol Scheele for planning and organizing the Thanksgiving Dinner program.




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