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Good Morning, everyone.

In 2018, The Association for Psychological Science printed an article entitled, “The Fluidity of Time” by Joe Dawson and Scott Sleek. It began by saying: “Humans have a fitful relationship with the clock, if modern idioms are any indication. Time flies when we’re having fun, it drags when we’re bored. Sometimes it’s on our side; other times it’s racing against us.”

I imagine that over the New Year’s holiday, many of us thought about the past year and how the pandemic has affected our lives. Perhaps some people are glad that they didn’t know how long it would go on. At first, it was getting through 3 weeks and then life would be back to normal. Another 3 weeks followed the first, and then we may have lived in 2 week increments following potential exposure to the virus. Somehow, we all mentally dealt with the perception of time in ways that made it tolerable.

As we wait to qualify for the vaccine, hoping that 2021 will bring some normalcy back into our lives, we are still playing the waiting game and looking for ways to survive, and hopefully thrive, in the weeks and months to come. 

We began our Covid-19 newsletter in mid-March as a way to support and connect our members and volunteers. Over the course of time, the newsletter was shared with family and friends and was eventually sent out to our entire database. Looking back at the March 28th edition, I shared some thoughts on what got me through times of uncertainty in the past and thought perhaps it might be a good time to share that information again.

I learned a concept in college called “Flow” from Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
(Cheek-sent-me-high), a Hungarian-American psychologist and pioneer in the study of happiness. Dr. Csikszentmihalyi discovered that people find great satisfaction when they are completely immersed in what they are doing, to the point of lacking the awareness of time. Flow does not necessarily require physical activity, but it does need to be engaging in something you genuinely enjoy. Check out the articles below and try to find some “Flow” in your life every day.

As always, if you need anything or you would like to talk, please let me know.


Referenced links:

Flow State: What It Is And How To Achieve It

Flow: Pursuit Of Happiness



Monday, January 11th at 2:00 pm

Guy's Group Walkabout


Monday, January 11th at 2:45 pm

Sharing Stories From Our Lives


Tuesday, January 12th at 2:00 pm

Play Script Reading


Wednesday, January 13th at 3:00 pm

Masks Across Cultures


Thursday, January 14th at 5:00 pm

Happy Hour


Tuesday, January 19th at 12:00 pm

Book Group


Wednesday, January 20th at 2:00 pm

Aging Discussion Group


Thursday, January 21st at 5:00 pm

Happy Hour


Tuesday, January 26th at 4:00

Welcome New Members


Thursday, January 28th at 2:00 pm

Cooking Presentation by Foodnet


Thursday, January 28th at 5:00 pm

Happy Hour


Sunday, January 31st at 4:00 pm

Public Information Session


Tuesday, February 9th at 2:00 pm

Play The Game: Codenames

This excerpt is from the recent Tompkins Chamber President's Update.

Our community is anxious to protect our most vulnerable and our front line workers, but also to return to more normal economic activity before the end of 2021. Widespread adoption and facilitation of vaccinations are one of the best ways for us to do our part to achieve that goal.

According to New York State, Phase IB is expected to begin next week and will include:
  • Teachers and education workers
  • First responders
  • Public safety workers
  • Public transit workers
  • People 75 and older

As of this reporting (1-07-21): there have been 2,280 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Tompkins County, 1,939 recovered, 17 deaths and 22 hospitalized. There are currently 324 active cases.
COVID-19 Zone Address Lookup
How To Connect With Young Grandchildren During The COVID-19 Winter | Sixty and Me
Your COVID-19 Travel Toolkit - Consumer Reports
New York State: Sign Up For COVID-19 Updates
Cayuga Health COVID-19 Tracking
Ithaca College: COVID-19 Dashboard
Cornell University: COVID-19 Dashboard
County COVID-19 update to Tompkins County Legislature
For COVID-19 Updates:
Tompkins County Health Department at
Center for Disease Control and Prevention at
A Guide To Negotiating A COVID-19 'Bubble': MIT Technology Review
How To Form A COVID-19 Social ‘Bubble’ Or ‘Quaranteam’: PBS NewsHour Weekend


NYTimes: How to Manage Your New-Year Expectations
Harvard Business Review: How to Be Alone Without Being Lonely
HuffPost: The 4 Steps That Will Increase Happiness, According To A New Study
Harvard Health Publishing: 6 Self-Care Steps For A Pandemic
Washington Post Self-Care updated December 2020
NPR: Don't Let The Pandemic Winter Get You Down - 9 Creative Ways To Socialize Safely
Readers Digest Best Health: Is Walking Good Exercise?
Beat Anxiety: 8 Foods that Help with Anxiety and Stress
The Restorative Power of Ritual
Pandemic Winter: How To Prepare Mentally And Avoid Depression
5 Ways to Survive And Thrive In Another Season of Lockdown:
Happify Daily

The National Do Not Call Registry
gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls

If you want to register but need assistance, please call the office.


What Our Members Are Saying About LLH

“I feel that LLH staff, volunteers and members are my friends. I need to be in relationship with others as I age. I am looking forward to the day that we can all be together face to face again!”


Sunday, January 31st
4:00 - 5:00 pm
Attend a virtual information session to find out more about Love Living at Home.  We provide an array of programs that help our members stay socially engaged, offer services such as home maintenance, transportation, and personal well-being. Learn about opportunities for membership and volunteering.

If You Are 62 Years Of Age Or Older
And Live In Tompkins County
Please Consider Joining Our

Caring - Connected - Community

Membership fees may be paid annually or in monthly installments and financial aid is available and completely confidential. LLH does not want the membership fee to be a barrier to joining. For more information, or to join, please click the link above or contact the office at or calling 607-319-0162.

or call the office at 607-319-0162

Directory Of LLH Members: How To Find It And Use It

-Click on “Member Login”  at the upper right of the screen
-Click on "Directory" at the top of the screen directly under the LLH logo 
-Type in a name and then click on "search"
-To see a member’s address click on the person’s name 
-To see the complete membership list, simply click on “search” 

If you have questions please call the office or email the office.


LLH provides a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for those in our community who are willing to share their time and expertise. LLH volunteers give as much time as they wish according to a schedule that suits them. Volunteers do not have to be members and members do not have to volunteer. All ages and abilities are welcome. We find that those who choose to volunteer, find it highly rewarding. Through the volunteer experience, we are fostering a Caring – Connected – Community.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

Direct Service Volunteers
Administrative and Office Volunteers
Committee Members
Task Force Members

Direct Service Volunteers:
With one phone call, members have access to the resources they need to help stay living in the home they love. Our services are coordinated by the office and delivered by our many volunteers. The capacity of LLH volunteers is unmatched and is the core of our success. When a request is made we reach out to our volunteers for their availability and skills to try to meet our members’ needs.

Administrative/Office Volunteers:
Help out in the office: Administrative assistance, technical support, mailings, and much more as needs arise.

Join a committee! LLH committees are at the heart of all we do and all that we accomplish. Not to mention these active, hands-on committees are a way to meet new people with similar interests and they are fun: Programs & Membership, Communication & Marketing, Development, Finance and Operations. 

Task Forces:
If you like to work on a project that has a beginning, middle and end, an LLH task force may be the perfect opportunity. LLH Task Forces help us to do things that we otherwise would not be able to accomplish. Some of the things we have worked on in the past are: LLH Video, LLH Annual Meeting, Special gatherings to bring board and committee members together for fun and to discuss important topics like implicit bias, Fundraising Task Forces that organize an annual dinner dance, as well as other fundraising opportunities. 

To become an LLH Volunteer or to discuss the many volunteer opportunities:
  • Call the office at 607-319-0162. Our staff is happy to answer any questions or make recommendations that would fit your interest and availability.
  • Complete the Volunteer Application – Log onto and click on “Volunteer”. The application can be completed online.

Community Partners
LLH Members Receive 25% Discount on YMCA Membership

Beginning Tuesday, December 1. 2020, LLH members will now receive a 25% discount on their YMCA membership, which will give them full access to member amenities and services. A new online only Y membership option will soon be available as well, for individuals who wish to participate in virtual group fitness classes instead of coming to the Y in person.

If you have any questions about our arrangements with the Y, please contact Cheryl at or 607-319-0162.

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Chapter Resources, Life After 50: Ithaca College Gerontology Institute

Castle Grisch Winery, Watkins Glen: Festival Of Lights Drive-Thru
The cost is $20 per vehicle for up to 6 passengers. Through January 31st.
A Snow Imbroglio! on Vimeo
Lyrics by Rachel Lampert, Directed and Edited by Leslie Greene
L.A. USA With Philippines Song
Virtual Cinema: Cinemapolis
Book & Binge Bundles: Tompkins County Public Library




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