Week of November 12, 2018
Employee retention is important to organizations in order to facilitate achieving a company’s goals and objectives. HR leaders consider improved retention a high priority over the next five years.
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Hotel Buyouts, Online Bookings and Other Trends Redefining Groups, Meetings and Events Industry
Our world and the technology which shapes our experiences is always changing. In a perpetual forward motion, companies across all industries are fervently working to stay ahead of the curve and avoid playing a game of catch-up in the eyes of modern consumers.
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Revenue Management from Behind the Curtain
If you are a revenue management practitioner, odds are people have asked you what you actually do for a living.
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Affluent Travellers View Hotels as Trusted Travel Partners
The newly commissioned study found that hotels are perceived as pillars in their community, connecting guests, whether from abroad or locally, to the true character of the destination.
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Samsung Continues Modernizing Hospitality Industry with Latest Technology Portfolio on Display at HX 2018
The newly commissioned study found that hotels are perceived as pillars in their community, connecting guests, whether from abroad or locally, to the true character of the destination.
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The Millennial Paradox: How to Save the Planet and Keep Travelling
Millennials are more eco-conscious than previous generations. Why? Because some of those really scary scenarios related to climate change are more likely to happen on their watch.
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The Nation's Leading Scorecard on Hospital Safety Breaks Down Results Across Red and Blue States
In the wake of a high stakes mid-term election, The Leapfrog Group announced today that neither party can claim victory in addressing preventable errors and infections in hospitals, which studies say kill more than 500 people every day in the United States.
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Physician Viewpoint: How to Remove 'Stupid Stuff' From EHR's
It's time to cut unnecessary work from the EHR, according to a perspective in The New England Journal of Medicine by Melinda Ashton, MD, a physician with Hawaii Pacific Health in Honolulu.
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If CVS Bets Big on Urgent Care, Hospitals Should Worry
The pharmacy chain could be a threat to hospitals and health systems by entering into the urgent care market.
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Congress Should Broaden Legislation to End Medical Price-Gouging
Federal lawmakers have worked on legislation to address surprise medical bills, but these proposals must be broadened to help all patients, including the insured and uninsured.
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Be Careful When Getting Crafty with Leave Policies
Employers may want to think twice before adopting leave policies that are unlimited or that attempt to comply with several state and local laws at once.
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Gamifying Employee Engagement
Renowned game designer Jane McGonigal describes gamers as super empowered, hopeful individuals, attributes that she believes can be channeled into real-world contexts.
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Making Sure Human Resources Stays Human
Spring 2002. With the economic downturn following the attacks of Sept. 11 sending corporate bottom lines reeling, the sad but inevitable component of a human resource professional’s job description descended upon me for the first time: layoffs.
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3 Trends and 4 Survival Tips for Managing Millennials in 2019
Shifting motivations, professional goals and gaps are keeping managers on the alert. Here's how to cope.
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