Beau shares his story . .

Each week, we've been blessed with stories from those who have journeyed with us on our mission to equip people for works of service. This week's story is from Beau Scott, who serves on the board of directors for Fit-2-Serve. Be sure to click on the link below to hear Beau wonderfully articulate his story from multiple perspectives.
as a parent . . .
As a parent..... What stands out:
  • The Connections: Connecting children to why and how we plants seeds and then use the produce in recipes
  • Connecting children and assisted living residents: The blessings on both ends of these connections are immeasurable and indescribable; something that must be experienced in person to truly appreciate what transpires

The impact on my family and community drives home the importance of health in all aspects of a person: physical, mental and spiritual. Healthy diets are necessary in ALL realms....healthy nutrition for our physical bodies; healthy connections for our mental wellness; and healthy spiritual food by way of THE WORD to strengthen our souls.
through my daughter's eyes . . .
My daughter, Elle, came home following a Farm-2-Table class. She was very excited and wanted to apply what she had learned. She requested that we, as a family, recreate her F2T experience, including the recipe that was shared on the newsletter sent home.

My experience isn't just one story! I have heard similar experiences from several other parents as well.
as a volunteer . . .
I have learned through volunteering at F2S of the level of organization and focus the staff exhibits when creating lesson plans. All necessary information and materials are provided. Reminder emails ensure that a volunteer day is not missed nor is it a surprise on the day of. Another realization I had once getting more involved with F2S is the comprehensive suite of programs offered by F2S far exceeded what I originally thought F2S offered.

Learning at Farm-2-Table
Learning about ingredients
Beau teaching!
as a board member . . .
As a board member, I know that the mission/ministry of F2S is necessary (not optional). Everyone involved in the brainstorming, structuring, volunteering and benefiting from F2S's programs are experiencing our Lord work through us and with us. There is no doubt what F2S is all about. With 5 children at home ranging from 15 - 2 years of age, I know all too well that this ministry becomes more and more necessary every day.

Reading the stories and personal experiences have been great in sharing the blessing Fit-2-Serve has been on those they serve as well as the community. However, to understand the full effect, I would encourage everyone to get involved in any capacity for which they have been gifted.
Listen to Beau's story by clicking here!
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