On Sunday, November 14, Fr. Rob preached that it is ok not to be ok. If you missed it, you can watch his sermon here. We often try to convince ourselves "we're just fine." We may not even notice that we aren't really ok. We can get so accustomed to feeling not ok, that we let it become accepting of being less happy, less joyful. We say it's because... And... may be true reasons for why we really aren't ok. But even when we can't change some of the reasons, we can change how we feel. The world around us doesn't have to be good for us to start feeling better. Start by knowing it's ok not to be ok and admit to yourself when that's where you are.

This first step in feeling better is realizing it is ok not to be ok.

Dr. Jeanne, Director of the St. Paul's Center for Counseling & Education, is a valuable resource in our community. Whether you feel ok or not, whether you need to talk through a specific problem or discuss issues in general, Dr. Jeanne is ready and able to help. You can meet with her by phone and Zoom, and at an outdoor space that is both private and COVID safe. If you would like to set up a meeting with Dr. Jeanne, please call or text her at (504) 330-2549 or email her at jrobertson@stpauls-lakeview.org.