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I am a big dreamer. And a creative thinker. And a peace-loving yogi.


I am also a tiny bit of a control freak.


I had a moment of clarity about my slightly overly-controlling nature a few years back at a yoga workshop.


It was time to partner up for an activity. I instantly decided who I wanted to be partners with (or more importantly who I did not want to be partners with) and was frantically - but subtly - trying to adjust my position in the room so everything would fall into place just right.


I caught myself in that moment.


You are in a yoga studio, Erin. A place where you learn and teach about peace and non-attachment. 


What the heck are you doing? And why?


I'd like to say that was the last time I attempted to control the world. Of course it was not. 


What I can say is that I have much more awareness about this side of my personality and I am able to see the signs - clenched jaw, tight throat, a sensation of not being able to breathe -  when I am attempting to control things that are not my business to control.


I have also picked up a few tools over the years to step back, re-center and let go


(Something I've been needing to do a lot of this week.) 


Below is a breathing exercise called "The Reset Button." It is one of my favorite ways to re-center because I can do it anywhere. Give it a try next time your world gets a little too intense and let me know what you think. 


Love & Light...



the reset button

   (Inspired by Gay Hendricks'  audio Fly Without Fear.)


Take a deep cleansing breath in and out.  


Take another deep breath in and this time hold it in as long as you can, until you feel the sensation that you must let it out. Slowly exhale all the way out. 


Breathe normally in and out. Repeat this series two or three times until you feel a release and a shift of energy in your body.  

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Erin Goodman ~ Spring 11

I'm Erin Barrette Goodman, multi-media artist, interfaith minister, yoga teacher and passionate builder of community.

I am the founder of the Rhode Island Birth Network and a contributing writer at kidoinfo.com.

A long-time advocate of local, sustainable food, I am the director of sales and marketing (and occasional farm hand) at Pat's Pastured, a diversified livestock farm in Southern Rhode Island.

As a mother of two, I also pack lunches, drive the carpool, and bow to the power of PBS Kids.  

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