Volume 17 | August 11, 2020

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With many new resources, MCC Brokerage is so excited to announce the launch of our new website. The look may have changed, but the address has not! Still found at mccbrokerage.com, you'll find all your trusted links and resources along with many new additions.

WellCare teams with Shipt to offer free grocery delivery to Medicare Advantage members

WellCare Health Plans is joining forces with delivery service Shipt to offer free home delivery of essentials such as groceries for Medicare Advantage members for the rest of 2020. Read about it...

Medicare Advantage Plans Increase, Improve Quality Over FFS Plans

Medicare Advantage plans kept their expenses low, diversified their benefits, and demonstrated better health outcomes than fee-for-service Medicare. Learn more...
Friendly Reminder - Summer Hours

MCC Brokerage is currently working Summer hours. Fridays through August, the office will close at 4:00pm EST. Monday through Thursday, our team
will continue to serve agents 8:30am to 5:15pm EST.

Many Medicare Advantage carriers, including Devoted and WellCare are expanding their footprint this year. Make sure you're offering your clients all the options available!

Not sure if there are new carriers coming to your area? Call your Support Specialist today to find out which contracts are must haves in your area. (800) 783-5642
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Tai Chi Could Be Good Medicine for Heart Patients

"Did you know tai chi is associated with lower levels of mental distress, reductions in depression, and improved quality of life, including: mental health quality of life (how patients felt and their ability to go out and socialize) and physical health quality of life (walking and ability to do daily activities)? Tai chi is a mind-body exercise that combines set movements with relaxation and breathing. It requires concentration on posture, relaxation and breathing.

In the video below, join instructor Cate Morrill for a full-length tai chi class you can do seated or standing. As always, please check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program." **
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