an article by Dr. Jeanne Robertson

What are you hoping for? Are you looking forward to a relaxed summer, vacation time, some changes in your schedule? Visits with family or friends? What are your expectations? Expectations tend to vary with each situation or circumstance. Do your expectations tend to be too high so they result in disappointments, stress, even depression when they aren’t met? Are they so low that you avoid or dread situations? Do the expectations create anxiety? (Anxiety is the... Read the rest of her article at our website.

Dr. Jeanne is the Director of the St. Paul's Center for Counseling & Education and is a valuable resource in our community. Whether you need to talk through a specific problem or discuss issues in general, Dr. Jeanne is ready and able to help. You can meet with her by phone, Zoom, and in her office, if you are fully vaccinated. If you would like to set up a meeting with Dr. Jeanne, please call or text her at (504) 330-2549 or email her at