Welcome to my new and improved newsletter (to be published quarterly).

Late this summer, I closed the business Switch Up Consulting and have opened Ferrero Agency. The reason is simple - it is too expensive to operate an S-Corp for an individual contractor. Therefore, Ferrero Agency is a Sole Proprietorship.

The services are the same, the provider is the same, the type of business and the logo have changed.

Government related services are no longer offered.

This newsletter provides inside information on public relations and communications.

In this issue - Changing Perceptions

Do people have the wrong idea about your business and what do? Have you had bad press?

Tips to overcome negative perceptions

  1. Clearly document your mission, vision, and values on your website and communicate it to employees; ensure buy-in.
  2. Develop outward facing systems (anything that is seen or heard about your business) and be consistent in execution.
  3. Find a good spokesperson who can consistently and enthusiastically discuss the business
  4. Send your spokesperson/people on a road show around the community attending important community, networking and business events and have them represent the company to the best of their ability. Keep message consistent.
  5. Maintain professionalism in the execution of all phone calls, conversations, emails, blogs and social post.

Would you like more tips about changing perceptions? Give me a call.