2020's Top Ten List!

As most of us are concentrating on putting 2020 behind us and envisioning the new year, we would be remiss if we did not take time to celebrate how God blessed our work in the community. For those who were faithful followers of Late Night TV, you may recall David Letterman's Top Ten List. We felt it appropriate to share Fit-2-Serve's Top Ten. . . and a few honorable mentions! Please note that there is no specific order of celebration.
Top 10: Why Fit-2-Serve is grateful for 2020. . .
#10: We were able to pivot and provide remote lessons and readings for teachers, on-site youth development classes at the YMCA, as well as for home-schooled families this fall.
#9: We now have 5 church partners who support our work financially.
#8: We celebrated 4087 youth contacts and 1,436 volunteer hours in 2020. For reference, in 2019, we celebrated 9,573 youth contacts and 3,156 volunteer hours. The 2020 numbers are astounding given the circumstances!
#7: Our efforts to create a stronger social media presence and a weekly E-Newsletter to better engage and inform our supporters has continued to grow throughout the year.
#6: Our Farmers Market realized over $7,000 in revenue from sales of locally grown produce from the Community Gardens.
Friday's abundant produce for Farmers Market
Equipping YMCA Childcare Youth
Equipping in the garden
Let's continue with our celebrations. . .
#5: We are now blessed with FOUR full-time AmeriCorps members who serve in our VISTA program! Their collective talents have created a seamless team who are truly better together.
#4: Our Development Team (which has continued to grow--no pun intended) planned and hosted our first Harvest Gala, When You Plant a Seed, to kick off our Annual Campaign! The Gala was a tremendous success and set the stage for future Gala events!
#3: Our Board of Directors now has a full-slate with Toby Montgomery accepting the offer to join the Board!
#2: We secured grants from the Lumpkin Foundation, Family Farm Charities, United Way, United Way COVID Relief, Southeastern Community Foundation, Carrie-Young Trust, & Thrivent Community Action.

. . . and, drum roll, please. . .

#1: We surpassed our goal of $20,000 in donations for 2020! As of this publication, the total received: $28,650! To put this into perspective, this is a $23,000 increase over 2019's total of $5650!
AmeriCorps team
Equipping youth
Equipping families
  • We now have 6 donors who are committed to monthly financial support.
  • There were over 60 new donors to this year's campaign.
  • We can celebrate that 4 donors gave $1,000+; 5 donors gave $500+; and over 30 donors gave $100+!
  • Plans to export the Community Bridges programming to the Ashmore community continue to move forward.
  • Fit-2-Serve has been approved to be an authorized SNAP vendor for future Farmers Markets which will allow us to proactively address food insecurity as we equip youth for works of service!
The F2S team will be preparing and sending out our ENewsletter on a bi-weekly schedule. Please be looking in your inbox for the next issue, Vision 2021, on January 26th.
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