Now that we are a month into the new year, let's talk about a tangible, executable task that will reduce overall time spent in communications, and increase desired outcomes .

The editorial plan is a great way to look at being able to set a goal, develop a plan, and see actions in what you publish.

All businesses and organizations should have a big picture communication plan in place for the year. The editorial plan is a piece of the communication plan that will detail what you will say, when you'll say it, which owned media you will use (blog, website page copy, social media channels, newsletters, etc...) and how you'll say it based upon a schedule.

Let's break it down

Goal - Start with identifying your owned media and what impact you'd like it to have in 2019
  • Define all owned media from e-mail marketing newsletters, websites/blog, social media to printed publications
  • What is the overall theme for the year?
  • What outcomes are you seeking with regard to readership, calls-to-action, increased donations, building awareness, developing your membership, finding partners, etc...

Plan - Develop a plan that includes the name of the owned media, frequency of communication, theme/style, audience, desired outcomes, imagery
  • Develop a draft plan and work with your team to go over details
  • Identify holidays and special dates that are relative to your organization that you can promote
  • Can you promote the jobs/role of your people?
  • What type of event promotion needs to happen?
  • How can you send out consistent communications?
  • Who will write, edit and send out messages?

Action - Determine the action from your readers/clients/patrons/clients perspective that you are seeking by spending time on sending out consistent communications
  • Determine how you will measure the actionable outcomes
  • Use measurement to set future goals

Yours in clarity,