ELAM Grads and Students on the Front Line in the Fight Against COVID-19
Cuban-trained Doctor Helps Mobilize Pandemic Response in Her South Bronx Community
John Tarleton for The Indypendent, April 11, 2020-
 The coronavirus pandemic has overwhelmed the U.S. healthcare system and exposed its deep structural weaknesses, nowhere more so than New York City. So what would a healthcare system that put people over profit look like? 
Revolution, Women and Health during the Coronavirus Crisis 
The African National Women's Organization presented a webinar to address the Covid-19 crisis. Dr. Melissa Barber, ELAM graduate and Program Coordinator of the ELAM Scholarship Program for IFCO Pastors for Peace, answered questions on Cuba's response to the Coronavirus pandemic and the treatment protocol they follow with the use of Interferon Alpha 2-B.
Ishaira Nieto is a Boricua IFCO-ELAM student hunting down the coronavirus in Cuba
ELAM students helping one another to cope in these hard times
For almost a month now, students at ELAM (early years: pre-med, 1 st  and 2 nd  years) have been under strict quarantine on the campus of ELAM itself. No one is allowed in or out except for a reduced number of healthy (non-at-risk/non-vulnerable) workers, professors, administrators, etc. who are following the strictest protocols entering and leaving and who are doing their best to ensure the welfare of all of the ELAM students there in these difficult times for everyone. 

In response, a group of older students from the Enrique Cabrera campus have been working with IFCO staff member Dr. Michele Frank to help get a weekly “delivery” of fruits, veggies and/or other non-available basic necessities or just “comfort foods” to the students at ELAM.  These photos are from last week’s delivery day!
Here are some of the things the ELAM students said upon receipt of the delivery: 

"...Thank you all for putting these shipments together!!! Please extend our gratitude to all those who helped bring this to fruition. Receiving these goods has been a game changer for us on this side!"

"...Thank you for everyone's help in helping us to keep strong. It's really hard but knowing we have all these Dr. Frank and Enquire Cabrera Angels helping us out really makes it all so much better "
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