ELAM Students and Grads on the Front Line in the Fight Against COVID-19
CBS news story featuring ELAM grad
Dr. Joaquin Morante
CNN report with ELAM grad
Dr. Arabia Mollete
US Students studying medicine in Cuba (under full scholarship!) join Cuban medical professionals and their fellow students from other countries to go door to door to check on Cuban residents.

Ivan J. Smiley: "The past couple of days, medical students both foreign and Cuban have been going door to door looking for possible cases of coronavirus. This small group of students hit has over 1000 homes and we still have many more homes to go. There have been more confirmed cases of coronavirus in Cuba, but we've found those cases and have been admitting them to specialized hospitals. If you want to be a doctor, that means being a doctor when you're called upon or not, when times get hard, and when  💩   hits the fan. I'm studying medicine in Cuba on a full-tuition scholarship and if the President calls on us to serve in a matter of national security, I have no issue doing what needs to be done, nor do the other future doctors in this photo. When the community, healthcare system, and government all work together, pandemics stay under control. We're going out so in the near future, people can choose if they want to stay home or not. The army of white coats is already in China, Jamaica, Italy, Grenada, Venezuela, Nicaragua just to name a few countries. My front today is Cuba but tomorrow U.S.A"
Text from ELAM student Ishaira to the IFCO team

Ishaira Nieto : "During pesquisa today I bumped into one of these! I´m so eternally grateful for the work of Rev Walker and the work you and everyone at IFCO continue to do. Thank you for the opportunities given. I hope you know how appreciated you are. Please stay safe!"
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