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Welcome to The Latest in Global Mobility , our fortnightly round-up of what's being thought, said and is happening in Global Mobility circles. We have the latest entry in Gina Tonic's Secret Diary, ideas to maximise your company's membership of Expat Academy plus the latest from our experts to keep you up-to-date on the current thinking and advice in the industry.
The Secret Diary of a Global Mobility Manager
Does anyone ever read, let alone follow, the travel guidance us GMs issue? My guess is not everyone, not least my CEO who found himself overseas, and stuck, not able to travel to another country with clients as his visa had expired ... and he had to return to the UK on his own.
Did you know ...?
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Bite Size Briefings
Bite Size Briefings are a member-only day of short sharp presentations designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of Global Mobility through technical updates, industry insights and learning about the latest trends. The day is an opportunity to listen and learn from the Expat Academy team and our technical training partners.

Are you booked on to the last Bite Size Briefing of the year? It's on Tuesday 4th December.
2018 Assignment Policies Survey - LAST CHANCE TO RESPOND
We are seeking the combined brainpower of the Global Mobility community to produce the most in-depth report into what is ... and is not ... included in International Assignment Policies.

  • Do organisations reimburse home leave flights or pay cash allowances?
  • What allowances should be included for a Commuter Assignment?
  • How do other organisations calculate and determine their housing allowances?
The findings of this survey provide really useful benchmarking data on International Assignment Policies to ensure you follow best practice for your assignee population. The more Global Mobility professionals who complete the survey, the more comprehensive and representative of current practice the answers will be. If a significant number complete the survey - so we are confident the results are representative of what companies do in practice - we will undertake to refresh the policy templates we hold in The Vault.

Estimated completion time: 20 minutes
Deadline for responses: 5pm on Wednesday 31st October 2018
From our Global Mobility experts
Four steps in revisiting mobile talent compensation
The scope of global mobility is rapidly shifting from expatriate management to a more comprehensive vision of talent mobility. Expatriate compensation management needs to follow this evolution. Here are four simple steps in moving towards revisiting compensation approaches for mobile assignees, integrating new trends, and realigning your policies with business priorities.
Mind the remote gap! 6 ways to effectively manage remote employees
The rise of the remote worker is one of the greatest changes to the workplace in the last twenty years. Technological advances, ubiquitous internet connectivity and the drive for a better work-life balance have seen untold numbers of employees choose  remote working . HR and managers need to learn new skills and apply new managerial techniques to manage remote employees effectively.
Free Trade Agreements and International Unions – their impact on Global Mobility
In this month's Global Immigration 101 blog, Newland Chase takes a whirlwind trip around the world and covers some of the more common international agreements and political and economic unions… and their impact on global mobility.
Nairobi, Kenya: 5 Years after the Westgate Mall Attack
AIRINC’s most recent survey of Nairobi closely coincided with the 5th anniversary of the Westgate Mall attack when members of the extremist Islamic group al-Shabaab took siege of the building, which resulted in 71 deaths. Kenya does remain a security concerned country.