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The Secret Diary of a Global Mobility Manager
Don't you just hate it when an assignee goes over your head to the HR Director to escalate an issue, without making you aware of the issue in the first place? Grrrrr!!!

In today's secret diary entry, Gina Tonic investigates a tax rebate notification from HMRC only to find out it's rather 'phishy'.
From our Global Mobility experts
What should my company know about homes going into inventory?
Dealing with homes in inventory is critical for mobility programs.

One of the most important ideas is to have a pricing strategy that gets the home sold quickly and for the least amount of loss to the corporate client. Let’s take a look at what goes into pricing.
Tier 2 cap continues to be reached
Employers with a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence looking to bring new employees to the UK must request a Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship (‘RCoS’) from the Home Office to sponsor the worker unless they will be a high earner with an annual salary of £159,600 or more.
Best Practice for your Mobility Policies
Effective global mobility management is about creating added value through mobility strategies that support your business. In order to be relevant and successful it is key that these mobility policies align closely with their prevailing business and talent imperatives. Nevertheless, the policies must also be able to deliver consistent (and fair) results for comparable assignment situations.
7 ways for GM professionals to develop their influencing skills
Global Mobility is playing an increasingly important role as organizations look to maximize the return on investment of their expatriate populations. As the Global Mobility (GM) function continues to evolve, not only are GM professionals required to be good communicators and problem solvers but it is also essential for them to hone their influencing skills.
Mobility in Focus – Identifying the talent mobility disconnect
Our survey included a UK population of 500 adults employed full-time in a professional setting and 100 senior HR and talent mobility executives. It showed a disconnect between employees' desire for relocation and being aware of opportunities to do so, as well as the importance of relocation to the business and the support HR teams have to do it well. This fact sheet outlines key survey findings about the UK.
Marketplace feedback on the challenges of permanent transfers
For some time, it has been no secret that companies have been using “permanent transfers” as a low-cost way to move an employee on what is actually a temporary international assignment need. AIRINC explores the main issues.