The Range Report
August 27, 2020




If anyone asks about your badge, do not take it personally.
Just show your badge and thank them for asking.

PHA Board of Directors.

All PHA matches will resume their normal schedule. However, we still must still follow a few NC restrictions while shooting matches.

They are:

  • While shooting outdoors, no more than 25 people will be allowed to participate in ANY PHA match.
  • Everyone shooting the match must maintain the 6-foot separation.
  • All match shooters, match directors, and RSO's must wear protective masks.
  • No food can be provided at any match.

If these requirements cannot be complied with at any match, then the match must be canceled. These requirements will remain in place until the NC Governor relaxes them again. And we'll report those changes in the Range Report.

Also, the guest restriction has now been removed. Please follow the normal limitation, 2 per member, for guests you bring PHA Range.

PHA Board of Directors.
Upcoming Matches
5-Stand Shotgun

The 5-Stand shotgun for this Saturday
will be starting at 8 am.

The 5-Stand shotgun for this Sunday
will start at noon.
Call for Volunteers.

OK everybody, listen up.

We are sorely in need of volunteers for the 5-Stand Shotgun.

Please contact Rick Muetzel via email and let him know that you would like to help. The entire club thanks you for your support!
Buffalo Match

On Sunday, the Buffalo Match registration starts at 8:30 am and match starts at 9 am at the High-Power range.
PHA safety rules due to corona virus will apply (6 foot social distancing and masks required).
Match Results
Bench Rest Match Results
Aug. 20, 2020

On Thursday, August 20, 2020, the Ron Gearren Memorial Match was held on what turned out to be a nice calm morning. We had a good turnout with 10 shooters. One shooter traveled from the Raleigh-Durham area to compete. Scores were very high and the competition was fierce.

Sporter Class-50 yard winner was Dennis Mueller. He had a score of 250/12x with his new Cooper.

Factory Class- 50 yard match had 3 shooters competing and ended in a 250/12x tie between Vince Swicegood and Harold Fullam.

The Iron Sight Class was smokin’ hot! Out of 4 shooters, all had a perfect score of 150. Vince Swicegood came out on top with 150/15x, closely followed by Paul Brinkman 150/14x, Tom
Whitlow 150/13x, and David Motsinger 150/10x.

The Iron Sight Class has exploded recently with the some of the best scores I have seen.

Great to see the shooters having fun and shooting well.

Keith Swicegood
Match Director
Results of August 22, 2020
Field Target Match

We had 17 shooters for this Field Target Match. Shooters came from Tennessee, Virginia and from all over North Carolina.

I would like to thank all those who participated to make this a success.

OPEN CLASS  PCP         Score
1st place    JD Garland      45
2nd place   Sue Smith      42  
3rd place    Paul Porch       38

1st place      Philip Hepler   55
2nd place    Walt Fornham  47
3rd place     Sue Smith       42

Gerald Long      53
Will Piatt           45

Jonathan Reyes         24

Artie Claudino
Lexington Air Guns 
Annual Membership Renewal
is Underway.

This is for all members in all PHA organizations.
Everything you need to know.

The annual membership renewal is underway.

Everything has been mailed in an envelope via US Mail from PHA. This envelope contains all the forms that you need to renew your membership for the coming year.

Your Membership Renewal envelope contains the following:

  • Membership Renewal form. Be sure to fill in all the required information and sign and date it near the bottom of the form.
  • Range Rules form. Be sure to fill in all the required information and sign and date it near the bottom of the form.
  • Ballot. There is an election for PHA Club Officers and At-Large Board Members. You may also receive a ballot for PHA Range and/or PHA Range II if you are a stockholder in one or both of those organizations. Be sure to mark your ballots.
  • Raffle/Donation Tickets. There are 12 raffle/donation tickets included for the Kind Heart program. When you buy your tickets, please issue a separate check. Please return any unused tickets. (See article below for more information about Kind Heart.)
  • A pre-addressed return envelope is included for you to return all your documents to PHA.

After you have signed your documents and marked your ballot(s), and entered the Kind Heart raffle/donation, place everything in the included pre-addressed envelope, put a stamp(s) on it, and mail it.

NOTE: PHA Annual Club members (NOT stockholders) must also include a check for $125 for their annual dues.

NOTE: If you do not sign all your renewal documents and/or if you do not include your annual dues payment, if required, your new membership card will not be issued to you. All your documents will be returned to you to be completed. You will have to re-submit everything. This will delay the issuance of your new membership card.

NOTE: If a PHA Club member anticipates a difficulty, due to job, medical reasons, or any other reason, in paying their annual dues, contact President Ray Owens prior to September 1, 2020.


  • September 1. PHA membership renewals are due on this day.

  • September 26. Open House. You can bring your renewal papers and turn them in at the Ram building.

  • September 30. This is the final day to renew your membership without penalty.

  • October 1 to December 31. Memberships renewed during this time will incur a $50 penalty in addition to the $125 annual dues.
  • December 31. This is the final day that dues + penalty will be accepted. If you have not renewed by this date, you will be officially dropped from the PHA membership rolls. If you renew after this date, you must re-apply as a brand-new member and pay the new member fees.

If you have any questions, please contact the 

Cut this out and tape it on the refrigerator.

The Kind Heart Fund
PHA has started a Kind Heart Fund.

The Kind Heart Fund is off to a great start. I appreciate the excitement and the many kind words from you.
I have already received several requests for extra tickets. If you need more tickets for yourself or to sell, contact:

Chairperson for Kind Heart.
Please enter your info on the ticket stubs and return them with your separate check made to PHA Kind Heart Fund. You may return the stubs and check with your Renewal Form, mail it to PHA, PO Box 913, Thomasville, NC 27360 (postmarked no later than Sept. 20) or bring them to the Open House on Sept 26. Please return any unused tickets.
The drawing for the prizes will be at the Open House on Saturday, September 26,2020, at the Ram Building at 2:00 pm.
Contributed by Nancy Mueller
Friends of the NRA.
Friends of NRA
The Friends of NRA is having a drawing for 30 items and 30 winners.

Each ticket is $100.

Remember, the proceeds for all tickets purchased in North Carolina stay in North Carolina and are used for multiple organizations within the state in the form of grants. Many organizations in our area have benefited from this type of fund raising.

Contact Ray Owens if you are interested or want more information.
PHA Safety Reminder

Commands from Range Officers, Match Directors, and Board Members must always be obeyed as it relates to safety and operation of PHA Range facilities.
Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates Are Available!
If you would like to give someone a gift certificate for a new membership or for annual renewal, we can help you to do that. Just contact the PHA Secretary for details.
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