IFCO's CubaBuzz : Issue 193
In Cuba, 50 new cases of Covid-19, accumulate 1,137
Prensa Latina, April 21, 2020- The Cuban health authorities updated today on the epidemiological situation created by Covid-19, with 50 new confirmed cases for a cumulative of 1,137 positive people, after real-time PCR tests.

Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba (Havana, April 16 2020)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, April 16, 2020- The impact of COVID19 can already be measured and will be assessed in the future by the striking numbers of people infected, the unacceptable numbers of deaths, the unquestionable damages to the world economy, production, trade, employment and personal income of millions of people. It is a crisis that goes well beyond the scope of health.

Telesur, April 20, 2020- Latin America reported this Sunday more than 100,000 people infected with the new coronavirus, with Brazil being the country most affected by the pandemic.

With 210 million inhabitants, Brazil has 38,654 infections and 2,462 deaths, according to local media.

Telesur, April 18, 2020- Caribbean Anti-imperialist and Peace Organisations in a Zoom Meeting on the 16th April 2020, supported Caribbean Community (Caricom) called for the Caribbean to remain a zone of peace. They expressed their opposition to the American military and naval build up off the Venezuelan coast, and the U.S. sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela.

Argentina To Soon Welcome 200 Cuban Doctors For COVID-19 Fight

Qcostarica, April 21, 2020- Argentina’s government confirmed that a contingent of 202 Cuban doctors will arrive in that country to help local health professionals with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In related news:
Biomodulin T, one of 22 medicines to treat COVID-19 in Cuba
Granma, April 20, 2020- Cuban biotechnology has been a subject of international interest for decades.

Despite hostile policies toward our country maintained by the United States government since January 1, 1959, the foresight of Comandante en jefe Fidel Castro Ruz led to the development of science and technology in Cuba, now pillars of society, and recognized worldwide, putting us in favorable conditions to confront the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In related news:
Cuba Strengthens Agri-Food Chains with UNDP Support
Prensa Latina, April 20, 2020- Production chains of beans, corn, milk and beef are strengthened today in Cuba with the support and cooperation of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

This is possible, to a large extent, from the consolidation and systematization of the first participatory methodology for the diagnosis and strategic planning of agrifood chains, reports a report by that UN entity on the main results of its collaboration with the island.

Stay at home lessons in Cuba
Granma, April 13, 2020- At 11 o'clock Monday morning, my living room became, like in many homes, even earlier, a very unique classroom. Books, workbooks, notebooks, a teacher on the TV screen and two students, because I was also an apprentice.
The tele-class began on time, true to the announced schedules for this educational programming, meticulously planned by subject and grade level. Beyond the timing, my thoughts were focused on all the effort these broadcasts must have required, no doubt even greater in times of pandemic.

Electricity consumption in Cuba skyrockets in times of pandemic
OnCuba, April 18, 2020- Electricity consumption  has skyrocketed in Cuba during the month of April, which generated an alert from the Cuban authorities to the population to encourage energy saving.

In the first weeks of this month, “the demand for electric power has exceeded what is normally consumed in the summer months,” the official Granma daily  reported .

Why the Virus Is a Civil Rights Issue: ‘The Pain Will Not Be Shared Equally’
The New York Times, April 19, 2020- Rallies and marches and other traditional forms of protest are out, given the social distancing restrictions now in place from coast to coast, but activists are organizing campaigns nonetheless aimed at what is emerging as the latest front in the country’s civil rights struggle: the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on communities of color.

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