IFCO's CubaBuzz : Issue 199
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Latest Covid-19 update in Cuba
(as of June 1st, 2020)
2092  -- Confirmed cases
444 -- Admitted  for clinical epidemiological surveillance
1827 -- Recuperated
83 -- Deaths 
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Resumen, May 29, 2020- Cuba has several medications unique in the world in terms of their effectiveness in promoting the survival of COVID-19 patients in serious and critical condition. While, world-wide, only about 20% of patients in these categories can be saved, in Cuba approximately 50% of these patients survive. 

Cuba defends life
Granma, May 29, 2020- Cuba’s accomplishments in the COVID-19 battle do not appear in major media headlines these days. Once again, silence reigns as we defeat the virus, blow by blow, sparing no effort or resource, despite the ironclad U.S. blockade that persists, damages, limits and makes everything more expensive. Amidst this relentless struggle for our people, we also share with those in need beyond our borders.

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Cuba's inclusion in US list distort true, Foreign Minister says
Prensa Latina, June 2, 2020-   Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez affirmed on Tuesday that Cuba's inclusion in a US list for lack of cooperation against terrorism is a deliberate act of distorting the truth.

This is a spurious list, the foreign minister posted on his Twitter account.

Rodriguez then wrote that there is concrete evidence of the bilateral collaboration with the United States in the fight against terrorism and in joint enforcement and law enforcement efforts.

Telesur, May 28, 2020- South Florida District Judge Robert N. Scola dismissed on Thursday a lawsuit against Booking, Hotels, Expedia, and Orbitz supported by Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, activated by Trump administration in May 2019.

Telesur, June 2, 2020- Cuba's Agriculture Ministry (MINAG) and the Food and Agriculture Organization for United Nations (FAO) Monday signed an agreement for climate-changing confrontation in the agricultural field in the Caribbean island.

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