The Range Report
July 30, 2020




If anyone asks about your badge, do not take it personally.
Just show your badge and thank them for asking.

PHA Board of Directors.

All PHA matches will resume their normal schedule. However, we still must still follow a few NC restrictions while shooting matches.

They are:

  • While shooting outdoors, no more than 25 people will be allowed to participate in ANY PHA match.
  • Everyone shooting the match must maintain the 6-foot separation.
  • All match shooters, match directors, and RSO's must wear protective masks.
  • No food can be provided at any match.

If these requirements cannot be complied with at any match, then the match must be canceled. These requirements will remain in place until the NC Governor relaxes them again. And we'll report those changes in the Range Report.

Also, the guest restriction has now been removed. Please follow the normal limitation, 2 per member, for guests you bring PHA Range.

PHA Board of Directors.
Upcoming Matches

5-Stand Shotgun

The 5-Stand shotgun for this Saturday
will be starting at 8 am. 

Call for Volunteers.

OK everybody, listen up.

We are sorely in need of volunteers for the 5-Stand Shotgun.

PHA was built based on volunteers and donations.

Now we're asking for volunteers to
help keep the 5-stand venue going.

Volunteers are needed for Saturday and for Sunday. Unless some of you volunteer (it's only a few hours on 1 day a month) for this venue on Saturday and Sunday, we will have to cut back the schedules for both days. Saturday shoots each Saturday except for a 5th Saturday. Sunday has already cut back to the 3rd and 4th Sunday of each month. We also shoot on the 5th Sunday of a month.

Please contact Rick Muetzel via email and let him know that you would like to help. The entire club thanks you for your support!
Falling Plate Match

The Falling Plate match starts at 8:30 am on Saturday in Bay #2. Registration and safety meeting start before match time. Don't miss the safety briefing. Be safe and always wear eye and ear protection while shooting on any of our ranges.
Match Results
Results of PHA Field Target
Match on 7/25/2020

I would like to thank all participants for their support. We had shooters from Tennessee, Virginia and all over North Carolina.

JD GARLAND                42
ART CLAUDINO             37
MIKE RUTCHKA             47
DON ARMSTRONG         43
RAY HAWKINS               37
WALT FARNHAM             29
GERALD LONG               50
WILL PIATT                    48

Artie Claudino
Match Director
PHA BR Match - July 23rd

Weather conditions for our 4th match of the year was 80 degrees, no, wind...a perfect day to shoot.

Because of vacations, we had a light turn-out of only 7 shooters. Our largest class was the factory gun class with 4 shooters, sporter class with 3 shooters, open-site class with
4 shooters.

Match results:

Factory class -- Vince Swicegood, 250 15 X's using a CZ452, 2nd place, Tom Whitlow, 250 11 X's using a Anschutz.

Sporter Class -- 50 yards -- David Motsinger 249 9 X's using a Cooper 57M, second place Dennis Mueller 248 11 X's using a Cooper 57M.

Open-Site Class -- Paul Brinkmann, 150 13 X's Anschutz 54, second place was Tom Whitlow, 150 12 X's using a Winchester 52D

We had a 3-way tie for the Harbour Freight award with Harold, Vince & Paul.

David Motsinger
Match Director
FOR 25 JULY 2020

Our first NRA match (thanks to the virus) of the year was held this past Saturday and it was a pretty warm day. Everyone survived with only losing a little sweat.

Travis Rushing was high overall with a 778-22x and Stephen
Tate was high expert with a score of 760-14x.

We had 2 competitors who have just started in High Power and both did well. Carol Friedmann shot a 720-7x and Nathan Connor had 671-3x. Carol has been to a couple of matches and this was Nathan’s first match.

Our next match is scheduled for Sat, 22 Aug, so we hope to have another good turnout. Maybe the temp will be a little cooler.

Thanks to all,
Wayne and Neil
Annual Membership Renewal
is Underway.

This is for all members in all PHA organizations.
Everything you need to know.

The annual membership renewal has started
with the mailing of forms on July 3.

Everything was mailed in an envelope via US Mail from PHA. This envelope contains all the forms that you will need to renew your membership for the coming year.

Your Membership Renewal envelope contains the following:

  • Membership Renewal form. Be sure to fill in all the required information and sign and date it near the bottom of the form.
  • Range Rules form. Be sure to fill in all the required information and sign and date it near the bottom of the form.
  • Ballot. There is an election for PHA Club Officers and At-Large Board Members. You may also receive a ballot for PHA Range and/or PHA Range II if you are a stockholder in one or both of those organizations. Be sure to mark your ballots.
  • Raffle/Donation Tickets. There are 12 raffle/donation tickets included for the Kind Heart program. When you buy your tickets, please issue a separate check. Please return any unused tickets. (See article below for more information about Kind Heart.)
  • A pre-addressed return envelope is included for you to return all your documents to PHA.

After you have signed your documents and marked your ballot(s), and entered the Kind Heart raffle/donation, place everything in the included pre-addressed envelope, put a stamp(s) on it, and mail it.

NOTE : PHA Annual Club members (NOT stockholders) must also include a check for $125 for their annual dues.

NOTE : If you do not sign all your renewal documents and/or if you do not include your annual dues payment, if required, your new membership card will not be issued to you. All your documents will be returned to you to be completed. You will have to re-submit everything. This will delay the issuance of your new membership card.

NOTE:  If a PHA Club member anticipates a difficulty, due to job, medical reasons, or any other reason, in paying their annual dues, contact President Ray Owens prior to September 1, 2020 .

Here are important dates for you to remember.

  • July 20. If you have NOT received your renewal envelope by NOW, you must contact the MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY immediately and let him know that you have NOT received your renewal information.

Please read carefully.

  • August 10. All election ballots for PHA Club must be received by the end of this day.
  • August 12. All election ballots for PHA Range must be received by the end of this day.
  • August 13. PHA Club Annual General Meeting. Election results will be announced.
  • August 15. PHA Range will have their Annual Meeting at the Ram building on PHA property starting at 11 am. Election results will be announced.
  • August 17. All election ballots for PHA Range II must be returned by the end of this day.
  • August 19. PHA Range II will have their Annual Meeting at the Ram building on PHA property starting at 6 pm at the Ram building. Election results will be announced.
  • September 1. PHA membership renewals are due on this day.
  • September 26. Open House. You can bring your renewal papers and turn them in at the Ram building.
  • September 30. This is the final day to renew your membership without penalty.
  • October 1 to December 31. Memberships renewed during this time will incur a $50 penalty in addition to the $125 annual dues.
  • December 31. This is the final day that dues + penalty will be accepted. If you have not renewed by this date, you will be officially dropped from the PHA membership rolls. If you renew after this date, you must re-apply as a brand-new member and pay the new member fees.

If you have any questions, please contact the  

Cut this out and tape it on the refrigerator.

The Kind Heart Fund
PHA has started a Kind Heart Fund.

The Kind Heart Fund is off to a great start. I appreciate the excitement and the many kind words from you.
I have already received several requests for extra tickets. If you need more tickets for yourself or to sell, contact:

Chairperson for Kind Heart.
Please enter your info on the ticket stubs and return them with your  separate check  made to  PHA Kind Heart Fund.  You may return the stubs and check with your Renewal Form, mail it to PHA, PO Box 913, Thomasville, NC 27360 (postmarked no later than Sept. 20) or bring them to the Open House on Sept 26. Please return any unused tickets.
The drawing for these prizes will be at the Open House on Saturday, September 26,2020, at the Ram Building at 2:00 pm.
Prizes include:
  •  M-1 Garand
  •  S&W 442 Performance Center .38 Spcl handgun
  •  Mossberg 464 Tactical Shotgun
  •  Anschutz MSR .22 rifle
  •  Sig Sauer Whiskey Scope 3-9x 40
  •  3 Custom-made knives by Mike Sturms (separate drawings for each)
  •  Browning blow-up sleeping bag
  •  Sig Sauer light/laser
  • Rifle sling/lariat/key fob set made by Richard Moore.
  • and more.

The drawing for these prizes will be at the Open House on Saturday, September 26,2020, at the Ram Building at 2:00 pm. You do not have to be present to win. 

Contributed by Nancy Mueller
These are some of the items that will be
drawn for on September 26 at Open House.
These are
Mike Sturms
original knifes.
Each knife will be drawn for individually.
Mike has donated these for the Kind Heart drawing.
M1 Garand
Sig Sauer Light Laser
Sig Sauer Whiskey Scope 3-9x40
What Not to do on the Range.
What's wrong with this picture?
The stand on the left was re-arranged improperly
The stand on the right was re-arranged improperly.
These .22 metal target stands are improperly positioned. Some of our members move these around, and that's OK. And it looks like it's fun to shoot. But what did they forget? They forgot to do this in a safe way. They did not remember, that when moving targets around, you have to consider what is behind the target. Where is that bullet going after it reaches the target?
In this case, depending on where you stand, the bullets that don't hit a metal target are either going into the woods, or they are going to skim the ground and travel in unknown directions. And it could travel outside of the PHA grounds. And that could be a very bad thing. Or you end up cross-range shooting into other targets. All targets MUST be placed directly in front of berms.

Another common problem at the .22 range is when someone is shooting on the left side of the .22 range and sets up a short target stand at 50 yards instead of a tall stand. With a short target stand, after your bullet goes through the target, it goes directly to the ground and then skips to destinations unknown.

All short target stands must be placed directly in front of berms and no where else.

The situations described above are unsafe and against our Range Rules and will not be tolerated. Our Board members will be on the lookout for any of these situations while they are at the range. If a Board member tells you that you will have to move your target stand, he will tell you why it's necessary. You must comply with his request as this is a safety and Range Rules violation. Failure to comply will result in consequences.

PHA Board of Directors
PHA Safety Reminder

Full auto, slide-fire weapons, or any weapon with a binary trigger or any burst trigger system is NOT allowed on PHA any PHA ranges.
PHA Range Stock Share
is Available

I have been advised that there is a share of PHA Range stock that is for sale. If you are interested, send me an email (click on the red box below) with the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email address

I will forward your information to the seller who will contact you directly. You will negotiate directly with the seller. When an agreement to purchase has been made, I will assist in the transfer of the stock.

Dennis Mueller
Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates Are Available!
If you would like to give someone a gift certificate for a new membership or for annual renewal, we can help you to do that. Just contact the PHA Secretary for details.
Links you might be interested in.
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