Volume 10 | May 26, 2020
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11 ways to get prospects to engage with your sales presentation

How do you get the prospect to become a participant in your presentation instead of just an audience? Read on for tips
We saw a need...

MCC is proud to offer our agents masks and hand sanitizer. Whether you need them for yourself or want to have a couple for clients you are meeting with who may not have their own, we have you covered!

Call Eddie to make arrangements to get yours today. (813) 344-6210
MCC Academy Presents...
Get your client the assistance that could change their life...
As the article above points out, the unemployment rate for those 65 and older quadrupled in just one month. Imagine if your client could have their Part B premium paid for them. Now imagine that YOU are the person who assists them in getting that much needed help AND an SEP to switch plans!

Join us Thursday, June 4th at 2pm EST as we discuss:
  • Assistance programs available
  • Who qualifies
  • How to apply for them.
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New Medicare Benefit Would Limit Insulin Copays to $35 a Month

"Great news for those who are insulin dependent! While you may have to change plans to receive it, this benefit could save you hundreds of dollars each year. Contact me today to review your benefits and find out more about this upcoming change." **
**Check your carrier contracts to make sure your page does not need to be registered or you don't need to complete additional certifications before posting. For more information, contact Melissa in our compliance department at (800) 783-5642 ext 1116.
Older Adults Are Hit Hard by COVID-19 – and Also Losing Jobs

The unemployment rate among people age 65 and older quadrupled between March and April 2020 from 3.7% to 15.6%... From March to April, 1.2 million adults age 65 and older lost jobs... Read more