No Cost Solutions for Compliance and Ethics
Regulation 42 CFR-483.85
One Pass Access is here to help you achieve your Compliance, Patient Safety, and Security Location Goals and Objectives.

Our Business Relationship Management Software is specifically designed for Healthcare's Cost, Quality, and Outcome (CQO) Initiatives.   

Our innovative technology and cutting edge solution provides the best venue to keep your organization up to date with New and Existing Requirements including: Federal, State, and Accreditation Guidelines.  

It's easy to implement and utilize taking minutes of your time.  Please join our Collaborative Community for Patient Centered Care by requesting your Complimentary Account by requesting your complimentary account here
Keeping up with New and Existing Requirements is expensive, confusing, and difficult to manage. 

One Pass Access offers a little to no cost solution keeping your organization up to date. 

Why continue to independently struggle when there is now an easier path to achieve your objectives and goals?  
Healthcare's First Universal 
Business Information Delivery System.

LTC/SNF Features and Benefits
Everything needed in 1 Place proving 1 Solution
Those among our followers who sell goods or services to skilled nursing facilities or hospice benefit, too. email us and put OPA in the subject line and we'll explain how we can help.
Community Network.   
One Pass Access offers an innovative solution for your organization. Providing a Community Network of Clinical Providers and Vendor Companies seamlessly sharing vital information.

Healthcare Resources.
Our cutting edge technology simplifies your Vendor Compliance, Risk Management, Patient Safety, and Location Security Objectives. Our integrated solution connects the various departmental components and modules into 1 Business Relationship Management System.

Safe and Secure
Compliance and Risk Management is about ensuring a Safe and Secure Environment for your Patients and Staff.  One Pass Access provides your "Rolodex" of Vendor Company Information integrated with our Location Security Access System providing Management Tools, and Reporting Components immediately at your finger tips.

Lowering Costs while Increasing 
Quality & Efficiency.
The simplicity of our solution addresses the scales of economy as all organizations currently independently struggle to obtain the same/similar information.