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Deep Excavations for Underground Parking Garages using a
Deep Soil Mixing plug in South Florida (1 PDH credit)
WEDNESDAY - MAY 27, 2020
This class will present a turn-key, design-build approach, to deliver a “dry bathtub”, i.e. a safe and water controlled excavation ready for the shell contractor to facilitate construction of 2-level underground parking garages. The various techniques used and their sequence will be discussed. The procedure comprises Deep Soil Mixing for the plug, reinforced Soil Mix Columns for excavation support, Augercast Piles for foundation support and anchoring of the plug, excavation, and disposal of soils, among others. Several case histories, including in Palm Beach County will be presented.
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Andres is a Global Product Leader and the Vice President for Keller Florida. He is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Florida, USA and Colombia, South America with more than 1200 projects and 25 years of design-build experience.

In 2011 Andres was named ASCE Miami-Dade Engineer. In 2019 Andres was awarded the ASCE National Roebling Award.

Andres received his Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Los Andes University located in Bogota, Colombia, and his Master’s degree in civil engineering from Florida International University.

From 1992 to 2001 Andres worked at his family design-build company Ivan Baquerizo & Company, with emphasis in consulting, successfully completing soccer stadiums, hospitals and governmental buildings across the nation of Colombia.

In 2002, Andres joined HJ Foundation, raising through the ranks and becoming the Director of Engineering and Vice President. Andres successfully completed more than 1200 Projects including augered & displacement piling, Tangent Bearing Elements, vibro-compaction, excavation shoring and Bottom Plugs (Chemical, Soil Mix, Jet grout, Tremie Seals) across the nation.

In 2020, HJ Foundation and several others like Bencor, Case Atlantic, Case Foundation, Hayward Baker, Keller Canada, McKinney Drilling and Moretrench have joined together and re-branded to Keller North America.
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