• Magnifying sheets to aid in reading worship material
  • Rob Reid details the Advent Hymn Festival
  • Holden Evening Prayer on Wednesdays
  • Children's Christmas Program
  • Service of Remembrance and Healing
  • National Lutheran Choir Tickets
  • New planter arrangements by Karen Daniels at west entrance
  • Bird Lady and fake laughs
  • Christmas Snack Recipe: Puppy Chow (for people)
  • Committees, Ministries, Groups, Clubs: Advertise in the TLC Weekly
  • Pastor Al talks about Stumps and Branches
  • Poinsettia Order Form
  • Wanted: Church Leadership
  • Liberian Dinner, Silent Auction and Send-Off
  • December Toys for Liberia
  • Liberia Go Fund Me for At-Risk Liberian Youth
  • Wednesday Night Family Night
  • Youth Christmas Party
  • Coffee & Conversation
  • Stephen Ministry
  • ELC Photo
  • Perfect 10 Baked Cod Recipe
  • VEAP
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Gathering in Grace • Growing in Faith • Going Forth to Serve
Advent Hymn Festival
December 8, 2019
8:30am & 10:00am Worship at TLC
10:00am Worship Service
A Celebration of Baptism
Hudson Arthur Heckmann
Born September 26, 2019
Parents: Brandon & Kelsey Heckmann
Sponsor: Alyssa Heckmann
Accommodations throughout the church for those with disabilities.
Wireless hearing assist devices available for worship services.
Closed Captioning available with on-demand playback (not live) of worship services.
Nursery available at both services.
Parent/children's Pray-Ground available in the Sanctuary during worship.

Hospitality & Social Activities from 9-11:30am in the Narthex and Fellowship Hall

Click on the live-stream logo below or visit at
the time of the service to watch it on your media device.
Magnify the Word
Need a little help in reading during worship? Now available at the usher's table, these flexible plastic magnifying sheets (4.5"x7") to aid in reading small print. They're lightweight and have a 3X magnifying power. Pick one up for use during the service. Please return to the usher's table when done.
This Sunday!
Advent Hymn Festival
Rob Reid
Director of Music
Don’t miss all of the beautiful, calming, AND joyful music that is coming your way this Sunday at both services. The TLC Woodwinds, TLC Handbells and the Chancel Choir have been preparing for several weeks now, and look forward to sharing their music with you (and with God, of course!). But, we need your help. Since it is a Hymn Festival, the hymns are for congregational singing!

Why do we sing Advent Hymns and not Christmas Carols? Liturgical churches like ours (and many in the ELCA) have a tradition of “holding back” Christmas Carols until the big celebration of Jesus’ birth on Christmas (or Christmas Eve for most). Our adherence to this tradition is not set in stone (so you will hear a few Christmas melodies this Sunday), but we find that the Advent Hymns help us prepare by reminding us of the historical perspectives of our church. “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” is a good example of this, and is probably the most famous Advent carol. Its texts reflect the prophesies that are heard in the Old Testament about the coming Savior. We will sing it in its original, chant-based setting, during the lighting of the Advent Candles, and later the Chancel Choir and Woodwinds will present a setting with the same words but with a new melody, which enhances the “Rejoicing” quality of the words from the Refrain of the Carol.

Other hymns will be “Prepare the Royal Highway,” “Awake, Awake, and Greet the New Morn,” and a hymn we have not sung before “Unexpected and Mysterious,” which helps us feel some of the emotions that Mary felt when she received the news that she was to bear the Savior of the World.

With hopes that you will be able to come to TLC this Sunday, or watch us on the Live Stream at


Rob Reid
Director of Music
Join us Wednesday Evenings
During Advent we worship with Holden Evening Prayer services Wednesdays at 6:30pm. December 11 and 18 remain. Please join us in this lovely setting of vespers in a traditional form, while using contemporary and inclusive language.
Children's Sunday School Christmas Program
December 15 - 11:10am
Service of

Thursday, December 19

All who are experiencing loss and grief this holiday season are invited to attend this meaningful worship experience. Join us to remember loved ones who have departed from this world; to give thanks for their lives, and to light a candle in their memory.
Contact Karen Daniels at TLC if you have any questions.
The Colors of Christmas
Church Organist Provides More than Music
This Christmas season take a moment to stop by TLC's west entrance and look at Karen Daniels arrangement of Spruce Tree Tops, Norway Pine, Incense Cedar, Birch Sticks, pine cones ‘on a stick’, plus faux pieces of white dogwood, red & white berries, and juniper sprigs. Karen worked on arranging the pair of planters a few days before December began, just in time to add splashes of color to our snowy landscape.
Watch Much TV These Days?
When it gets snowy and feels good to stay inside, does your TV almost automatically get turned on, and stays on longer too?

Birdman and I looked forward to the fall lineup, as a few sit-coms sounded like winners. Turned on Patricia Heaton's new show, and right away I heard the dreaded laugh track—those over and over again bursts of identical laughter that tell everyone “This is laugh already.” The show would not have had to be funny, as true-to-life drama is not always laugh-producing. Also clicked on “The Neighborhood” where a white family buys a lovely home in a black neighborhood. The troubles they have, trying to be friendly with these new neighbors, are sometimes funny or even sad, but watching them work out their problems was nice to see. Now we no longer watch these two shows, because canned laughter (and some overacting) is only fun to “hear” and watch for a short time.

I found an article about “canned laughter” and understand the “whys” of having it at all. You may think this is a present day phenomenon... No! Back in 300 B.C, ancient performers hired audience members to laugh at their jokes when competing. In the olden days of opera, singers would have “claques” who were paid “plants” in the audience, and I bet their performances got standing ovations. Bing Crosby pre-recorded his radio show, and always “sweetened” the audiences' laughs. In 1959, “Rocky and Bullwinkle” was the first cartoon to feature laugh tracks.

Of course, money is the culprit here. “On tape before a live studio audience” costs more because of the number of cameras used, or the fact that going on location would not work at all. The live audience would have to sit through several “takes” on each scene and finally had to be told to laugh uproariously even when they'd heard the jokes many times. Adding the laugh track solved the problem.

Actors felt “not quite good enough” when audiences got tired of laughing over and over. The audience would feel like they were stupid, not recognizing a rather good joke without the help of the fake laughter added to their own. If there were a way to cancel out the fake-y laughs somehow for those watching at home, it would solve an annoying problem. What do you think?

Many times at our worship services the musicians are applauded at the end, and it does feel good to be recognized; the work that goes into our music is fun, but it feels good to hear that people do appreciate special music. The difference here is... we'd never add fake applause--- It's got to be heart-felt and never prerecorded.

-Bloomington Bird Lady
For People
By Beverly Nolte

  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1 pkg. (12 oz.) chocolate chips
  • 1 stick margarine
  • 1 box *Kellogg's Crispix cereal
  • 3 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • 2 cups salted peanuts
  • Paper grocery bag or large plastic container

Melt peanut butter, chocolate chips and margarine. Stir in vanilla. Add cereal to melted ingredients, stir to completely coat cereal. Put mixture and peanuts into paper bag or plastic container. Add powdered sugar and shake contents gently to completely coat cereal. Store in containers or Ziploc bags at room temperature.

*Corn, Rice or Wheat Chex cereal may be used in place of Crispix.
Committees - Ministries - Groups - Clubs
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Note, this is not the same as announcements for the Sunday bulletin.
-a continuing series-
By Pastor Al Dungan
On Stumps
One summer when I was in college, I worked for the US Forest Service, first on a trail crew clearing trail in the Wenatchee National Forest of Washington state and then on a lookout. I had plenty of opportunity to see rotting stumps and downed trees that were laying there decaying and becoming a part of the forest floor. But, at the same time, I also saw branches growing out of those “dead” trees—new life growing out of what appeared to be dead.

In this week’s reading from the Hebrew Bible (which we call the Old Testament), Isaiah (11:1-10) proclaims that God will bring new life to Israel, which seems to be dead. He uses the metaphor of “…a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of its roots”. It’s a message of hope to a people who are experiencing hopelessness.

Everything that they knew and held dear about their land and their places of worship were being threatened and destroyed by powerful outside influences.
To these people Isaiah brought a message of SHALOM , a message of hope, a message of promise, a message of all-present, all-enveloping love. “Don’t worry,” he said. “No matter how grim and hopeless things appear, the God of your fathers is here. He will protect you and show you a new way. He will give you a leader who will be a sign to the world that he has not given up on you. And this leader will change the world as you know it.”

Hope is one of the great messages of Advent. In the epistle reading for the 2 nd Sunday in Advent, St. Paul writes: “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” (Romans 15:13)

We hear a lot today about how the institutional church (especially denominations like the ELCA) are losing members, closing churches and experiencing major economical problems. When I hear this I am not worried because I know that God is always in the process of creating new life out of old “stumps”. I HAVE HOPE. And that hope, says St. Paul, will not disappoint us.

So I would encourage you, dear friends in Christ, to not lose hope when you are faced with the challenges that this life brings to us.

The season of Advent is a season of hope as we prepare to receive the greatest gift God ever gave the world: the baby who became a man who became the hope of the world.
Poinsettia orders to adorn the altar at Christmas. Price per plant is $12.00.
Place your order now thru this coming Monday, December 9. [Click Here] to order online, or stop in the office. ORDER YOURS TODAY, YOU MAY PAY LATER.
Church Council & Synod Assembly Delegates

You can make an impact.
You can make changes.
TLC's Nominating Committee is beginning work to fill leadership positions in the church and are seeking anyone interested in serving on the Church Council or as a Synod Delegate in 2020. There are two to four openings on the Church Council, and six delegates needed for the Synod.

The Congregation Council shall have general oversight of the life and activities of this congregation, and in particular its worship life, to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Word of God and the faith and practice of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The duties of the Congregation Council shall include the following:

a. To lead this congregation in stating its mission, to do long-range planning, to set goals and priorities, and to evaluate its activities in light of its mission and goals.
b. To seek to involve all members of this congregation in worship, learning, witness, service, and support.
c. To oversee and provide for the administration of this congregation to enable it to fulfill its functions and perform its mission.
d. To maintain supportive relationships with the pastors and staff.
e. To be examples individually and corporately of the style of life and ministry expected of all baptized persons.
f. To promote a congregational climate of peace and goodwill, and, as differences and conflicts arise, to endeavor to foster mutual understanding.
g. To arrange for pastoral service during the sickness or absence of the pastor.

The Synod Assembly Delegate:
Each year, TLC sends six of its members to the annual Synod Assembly. It is a one-time commitment, and only involves attending and representing TLC at the annual meeting. This year, the assembly will be held on April 24 (late afternoon) and 25 (full day). The six positions can be filled by anyone in the congregation. We also select 1 alternate, in case one of the six isn’t able to attend for whatever reason.
December Toys for Liberia
We've collected surgical gloves and other needed items for our mission team to present to the Center for Changing Lives - Liberia (CCLL) in December. Now, since the children -many orphaned- are what this is all about, let's send donations of toys to help them celebrate. Just imagine their happy, smiling faces.
Bring your toy (and food) donations during early December. Use the VEAP boxes (in 3 locations), and we'll make sure the food goes to VEAP and the toys to Liberia.
Cultural norms are strong in Liberia, and for children who have been orphaned by the AIDS and Ebola epidemics, they can face stigma and be shunned from their community, leaving them with no place to live and no one who cares for them.

Every child deserves a chance at a decent future. [Click here] to visit the Go Fund Me page.
5:30-6:00pm: Community meals served in Fellowship Hall. $5.00 suggested donation. This is a great community gathering for you and your family. Please invite a friend or neighbor to dine with us, or just enjoy a cup of coffee with others.

Oasis Wednesday Evening Worship Service from 6:30 to 7:00pm. It's a 30-minute service with communion.

  • 7:00pm, Inspiring education and fellowship options for all ages
  • Child care and activities are available for infants to 3rd grade.
  • Volunteer adult leaders ensure a great time with new programs for kids, 4th-6th grade.
  • Confirmation and Peer Ministers 7th-12th grade meet for small and large group activities – friends are always welcome!
  • A Bible study for all ages is found with Coffee and Conversation, meeting in the conference room.
  • Parent support and planning groups meet in the East Fellowship Hall.
  • At 8:00pm, High School students 10th grade and up meet in the Youth Room
Confirmation: The Annual Christmas Party is Wednesday, Dec. 18 from 7:00-8:00pm in Fellowship Hall. Confirmands and High Schoolers as asked to bring a $10 wrapped gift for the gift exchange and to wear your ugliest Christmas sweater. This is a packed hour full of games and sugar. Don’t miss it!

Coffee and Conversation invites you to a steaming cup of coffee with good friends and conversation. The session this coming Wednesday, December 11, will encourage a discussion on Micah.
Back row standing (L-R): Pat McMullen, Marilyn Erickson, Nadine Grabanski, Cynthia Williamson, Erin Pommeranz (Stephen Ministry Leader), Dick Haugen, Becky Woll (Stephen Ministry Leader), Al Dungan, Louise Olson.

Front, kneeling: Bob Riley (Stephen Ministry Leader), Ben Cherland, Sandy Mullen, Patricia Weichselbaum.
Stephen Ministry provides one-on-one care to people in our congregation who are grieving, hurting, and going through difficult life transitions. We have trained 10 Stephen Ministers at TLC and plan to train more next year. Here is one testimonial from one of TLC's care receivers: 
 ~ ~ ~
"I requested a Stephen Minister shortly after TLC trained and commissioned our own Stephen Ministers and I was struggling with providing the best care for my husband. Every week since early June I have been meeting with my own Stephen Minister in my home. I truly feel she is walking with me. She listens, carefully and thoughtfully, without giving advice but helps me clarify my feelings and thoughts. From time to time she has given me a gentle nudge—especially reminding me to take care of myself. I can share whatever is of concern to me, knowing that I will not be judged for what I am feeling or for what I say. I know she will be there for me every week and look forward to that time together. Requesting a Stephen Minister was one of the best decisions I could have made."
-TLC Care Receiver

Click Here to discover more about TLC's Early Learning Center.
Our ELC Children will be involved in winter photography soon. In the meantime, here is a photo by ELC Director, Barb Wigstadt.
"Backyard Trees"
By Barb Wigstadt
Perfect 10
Baked Cod
In the flurry of the season, let’s not forget about our neighbors in need. Although VEAP no longer has a Christmas toy drive, they do collect $10, $15, or $20 Target Gift Cards  for families whose resources are limited. If you are able to purchase and contribute a card or 2 (or 3), please turn them in at the TLC office at your convenience. AND, as always, the boxes are always waiting to be filled with packaged food and canned goods, paper supplies, diapers, and personal items.

When we all give a little, it adds up to a lot!
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