Spring 2021
Quarterly News & Updates
*Coming soon: miSecureMessages will release a highly anticipated update to version 6.8. New capabilities such as single sign-on (SSO), as well as enhanced app performance and additional integration capabilities will be included in the update. 
Featured Quarterly Partner: Call Center Sales Pro
Call Center Sales Pro (CCSP) is a medical based answering service located just outside of Knoxville, TN, Redding, CA and Toledo, OH. While they have a blended customer base, more than 75% of their revenue is medical based with approximately 400+ single and multi-physician practices and hospitals. In addition, they have several large medical focused businesses who rely on them to perform their daily call and order processing and to be a seamless extension of their internal teams, focusing heavily on communication.

Recorded Webinar: MSM Archiving
miSecureMessages support staff, Megan Schroeter and Thomas Jimenez, discuss best practices for archiving and purging your miSecureMessages database. This webinar will address the database for both hosted and on-premise customers.

miSecureMessages Personal Quick Phrases
The miSecureMessages secure messaging solution features the ability for users to add their own personal Quick Phrases to the miSecureMessages applications. Like the system Quick Phrases provided by miSecureMessages administrators, personal Quick Phrases can be used to quickly initiate or reply to a secure message within the miSecureMessages application.

miSecureMessages Tips
Question: I just got a new phone and I am getting prompted to log into the MSM app as if I were a new user. Help!

Answer: A part of what makes our app secure, is that it requires a unique device token at the time of registration. A new device, to MSM, looks like a new user. If you restore apps on your new device (through a cloud service for example) the system has retained the old device’s token which causes a conflict with the new device.

In order to maintain normal MSM functionality when getting a new device, you should always delete the MSM app after a restore and reinstall it fresh from Google Play or the Apple Store (or do not include the app within your restore process). When prompted, enter your MSM Group ID and your existing Contact credentials to log into the app. This will create a token for the new device so MSM can recognize it properly.

In addition, your MSM administrator should log into the MSM Admin web and delete the old device from the bottom of your Contact page.
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