Hello Tangueros & Tangueras,

Only 2 weeks left to our 3rd Annual Costume Ball and Costume Tournament. Will you be Gardel? Will you be Red Riding Hood? Will you be a Dragon? Reveal your true nature - let us Not Recognize You!

11.17.2019 @ 8pm

Chamber of Secrets
This year the Chamber of Secrets will open at Ultimate Tango on Sunday, November 17th at 8pm .

All Magical Beings, Fairy Tale Creatures, Witches and Wizards, Vampires, Ghosts as well as Humans are called to participate in 3rd Annual Costume Ball and Costume Tournament.

You can just come as a human in your normal body but this evening do not have to wear your regular mask. Feel free to reveal who you really are.
The True You is welcome to sign up to participate in the Tournament and win $100 pure cash for the Queen and $100 pure cash for the King of the Ball.

The Tournament will be judged by 4 Independent Judges not related to Ultimate Tango. This year the Chosen Four are: Muna Swairjo, Jennifer vel Maleva Zapatos, Jyoti Puri and Rohin Mhatre .
Carlos usually takes care of the rewards (he is the main sponsor), but last year he was very busy with Fernando and Coca Branca.
Here is how you can win:
Arrive before 9:30pm and register at the front for The Tournament. You can participate alone but you need a partner to dance with. If you don't have one - we will help you find one. You can also participate as a couple if you are both wearing costumes.

At 10pm sharp we will invite all participant to the dance floor to present themselves in their full costumes.

You need to be able to state your name (the name of your character) in an audible manner. You may use a translator. Once everyone is introduced we will form couples to dance 3 songs: Tango, Milonga and Vals. Your costume (and you) has to survive the dancing and remain intact. If your wings fall off, you loose your broomstick, your teeth chock you, your spare blood dirty the floor - you will become disqualified.

Even if you are a Beginner, as long as you can walk to the music and progress with the float of the dance, you can participate. No complicated steps are required though they are allowed. Note though - if you collide with other couple you might get disqualified. It's all based on mercy of Judges.

REMEMBER: If you cannot hold and carry your $100 reward it will be taken away from you and you might need to fight to get it back!
'Fancy Moves for Fancy Beings' class at 8pm with Hernan, immediately followed by scary tunes of DJ Jafar.

Arrive at any time, but the earlier you come the more chances you get to try our freshly poisoned Fernando & Coka Combo served at each table. (Limited quantities!)

8:00 PM
Fancy Moves for Fancy Beings' - class with Hernan

9:30 PM
Milonga starts. DJ Jafar.
Registration for the Tournament

10:00 PM
Costume Tournament

10:30 PM

till 12:00 AM
Milonga with DJ Jafar.

Questions? Doubts? Tango depression?  Contact us.  We are here to help. We believe Tango is a magical dance. It will change your life. For better.


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