Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Open for Business - COVID-19 Update and Proactive Action Plan
Dear Valued Virginia Abrasives Customer,

The New Normal. You've heard that term used to describe this period of learning to adapt to a world affected by pandemic that is anything but normal.

Our hope is that you, your business and your family are faring well through all the changes due to the current situation.

Virginia Abrasives is maintaining our normal production, manufacturing, and shipping schedules. We will continue to create the world's finest abrasives right here in the United States. We are taking the health and safety of our team very seriously and protecting against community spread of COVID-19 where possible. No matter your need, we are here for you.

In order to protect the health of those who work in our plant every single day, we are taking the following actions:

  • Team members who want and are able to do their work from home are being encouraged to do so. Fortunately, our electronic communications systems afford us the ability to seamlessly communicate with our team, whether they are located in our physical plant or if they are working remotely.

  • Our field staff has been instructed to cancel non-essential travel and conduct meetings remotely for the foreseeable future in order to minimize exposure to the virus.

  • In January, prior to the advent of widespread illness of any type, we installed highly effective HEPA filters to reduce illness carried via our HVAC system.

  • We are taking government-recommended measures to insure the cleanliness of our facilities and will continue to follow all local, state and national guidelines as they are implemented.

We are open for business and here for you as we navigate these uncertain times. Thank you for your ongoing support. We apologize for any issues that these procedures may cause and promise to work throughout this crisis to continue providing the products, services and support you have come to expect from Virginia Abrasives.

Respectfully yours,
Chuck E. Dana
Virginia Abrasives Corporation

NWFA Expo Update
NWFA Expo 2020 has officially been canceled due to the restrictions enacted in Wisconsin.

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