Evaluation of your
Constant Contact Usage

Annually we offer an evaluation of your usage of Constant Contact "free of charge", to the first 1/2 dozen who submit our survey. We have four spaces left. Our goal is to accelerate your mission and annually we provide this pro-bono service to support the nonprofit sector and small business owners.

You will receive a roadmap for ways you can improve your email marketing (as well as celebrate the good work). This is perfect feedback to start the new year off right!

Free (value is $600)*

Click the link below on the RED button, to complete a short survey and one of our Nonprofit Accelerator team members will be in touch.

*Free for nonprofits and educational institutions and small businesses under 4mm.
For businesses with over 4mm in revenue, we are offering 50% off.

  • Evaluation Team: Melvin Givens, and Bonnie Hilory
  • No obligation, truly free.
  • Offer expires March 15, 2022 (Please submit your survey prior).

Once you submit your survey our team members will connect and coordinate access, and clarify any questions our team members may have. We will provide your PPT within 3 weeks of receiving your survey, and at your request, we are happy to do a 30-minute presentation of our findings, which will include a Q & A opportunity.

We look forward to working with you to improve your Constant Contact usage.

Bonnie Hilory
Managing Principal
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